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Hate the Sound of Breaking Glass!

So the phone rings at 23.10 Saturday – recognise the number, heart sinks- it is the ADT alarm call centre.” The Police are at your premises in Hamlet Court Road, reports of a smashed window” Hopefully my weary response did come across as rudeness.

For a change on a Saturday night we had nothing on socially and I had drunk just one glass of wine and much earlier in the evening, so I drove the very short distance to the store to meet the two police officers who were in attendance and protecting the product in the window – thanks chaps.

Witnesses saw a short man deliberately smash the window with a sharp instrument creating a smallish hole – nothing appeared to have been nicked – the guy was luck that the glass did not shatter over him and cause injury.


 A couple of phone calls and I chose Able Glaze Emergency Glazers to board the window and in fairness their response was pretty fast and I was back home at 1.30am.

We have since been awaiting a replacement window with quotes coming in and are now just awaiting approval from our insurance company.

In the meantime last Wednesday – and you cannot write the script- a drunk was seen crashing off windows and doors as he made his way up Hamlet Court Road and witnesses say he literally fell against the wooden boarding bringing it all down!

So at 19.10 I receive another phone call from ADT “The Police are at your premises in Hamlet Court Road, reports of a smashed window, smashed further!”

Out I go again and this time my brother Paul has been contacted too, strangely by a passing member of staff. The Police appear quite amused by it all, as I said you can’t write the script, the drunk has long since evaporated in an alcoholic haze, probably unaware of the devastation he has left in his wake.

I call Able Group again ” I think we need a bigger Board…”

We are still waiting to have the glass put back in- apparently the size has presented some issues. Hope it will not be much longer now.

It is a sad reflection on society that the original malevolent caused all this aggro in the first place for no obvious gain. Through the grapevine I have heard that some, unnamed, witnesses are aware who he is but “do not want to grass him up” – thanks! It is also a sad reflection that someone is so drunk and out of control by 19.00.

Hey ho the joys of being a retailer!