Denby Pottery Halo Tableware Best Selling New Denby China


Denby Halo 12 Piece Coupe Tableware Set £206.00

Denby Pottery Halo dinnerware was introduced towards the end of 2010 and was Havens best new tableware introduction for the year.

Each Hallo piece is carefully crafted from local stoneware clay using skills passed down through generations of Denby potters at the Denby Factory in Derby, England.

The distinct style is created by applying two tones of glaze which merge on firing giving subtle variations of grey, black and blue, achieving unique results that look great either as everyday kitchen crockery or dressed up for a dinner party with friends and family

These subtle differences in the graduated glaze are what make Halo so special and as it is dipped or banded twice by hand, no two pieces will ever be the same, adding to the patterns appeal.

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