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Edinburgh Crystal the End of the Road.

Edinburgh Crystal
Edinburgh Crystal

Founded in 1867 Edinburgh Crystal was one of the kings in glass making. The Edinburgh crystal factory was based most recently in Penicuik, Midlothian in Scotland. The company was taken over by Waterford Crystal and the factory in Scotland was closed and the prestige product was made in the Waterford factory in Ireland, the rest outsourced in quality Crystal making factories in Europe.

In January 2009 Waterford Crystal went into administration and in February 2009 was bought from the administrators by KPS Private equity Group a New York based equity company who specialise turning round and buffing up failed companies.

Since then we have been waiting for positive news on the fate of the Edinburgh Crystal brand. For most of 2010 there was the rumour that a restricted range of the best selling Edinburgh crystal patterns would be out sourced under the Stuart brand.

I have continued to pursue the fate of the Edinburgh brand so that we can keep our valued, patient and long suffering Edinburgh Crystal customers aware of what is going on.

In March 2011 I have finally been advised that there are now no plans to keep the Edinburgh brand nor to supply the best selling patterns under any brand.

Edinburgh Crystal has been allowed to slip ignominiously into oblivion – what a shame!

For what it is worth I would have continued to outsource the Edinburgh Tay, Skye, Orrin and Eclipse ranges in Europe and then produced the iconic ranges or Flower of Scotland and Star of Edinburgh from UK based cutters.

Why keep the Edinburgh brand, well if the management of Waterford searched on the Internet they would find that there are over 10,000 Global monthly searches for the Edinburgh Crystal brand which is very respectable.

What next.

I do not suspect that the Waterford management will have a change of heart, it would be too late now anyway.

What I would recommend for customers looking to replace or buy new glass is to take a good look at the Royal Scot Crystal range of glasses.

Royal Scot was set up 1987 by Malcolm Sergent who was formerly a Chief Executive of Edinburgh crystal so he knows a thing or two about Crystal.

Finally if you need any further advice on buying crystal please contact us.


  1. Hello…I was glad to find your comments on the Edinburgh Crystal…I was given a collection of 20 Edinburgh crystal wine/whiskey decanters…All are square but different designs…Any ideas as to where I can go to identify the patterns…Ebay is really no help…It seems that people are selling their decanters without knowing their age or pattern names…Any help will be much appreciated…Thank you…Bob…Dallas, Texas

    1. Dear Bob,
      Lucky you getting a range of quality Edinburgh Crystal decanters. Sadly as Edinbugh Crystal no longer exists there are now very few products available to view online. We have old catalogues here but without physically seeing a decanter it is not eay to identify, as the shapes are normally very similar the cutting just varies.
      The price of the Edinburgh decanters will very on complexity of cut and origin as they did outsource some ranges. The last retail price of Scottish made decanters ranged from £100 to £300 for Thistle and the outsourced decanters from £50 to £100.
      Hope this helps a little.
      Many thanks for your interest,
      Kind regards,
      Nigel Havens

    2. I’m trying to find The Edinburgh Royal Crystal Whiskey Decanter made around 1980. It has engraved cut tiny Stars can you help to identify. Or if you have one I would like to purchase it .many thanks ADE. In the UK Chippenham Wiltshire England.

  2. Nigel, I am slowly acquiring the Braemar pattern pieces made by Edinburgh Crystal. So far, I’ve acquired brandy snifters, wine glasses, sherry glasses and whisky tumblers – no easy task. I’d like to find a Braemar pattern decantur, but I don’t know exactly from sight recognition what to look for. Do any of your catalogs have schematics or pictures of the Braemar line, and can you assist me in getting a copy of them so I can strengthen my search? Many Regards, Greg

    1. Dear Greg,
      Apologies for not replying sooner, I have only just returned from holiday.
      I have not been able to find any information on the Edinburgh Braemar design. I have looked back at my archive books and cannot find any reference to it.Do you know how old it is?
      Stuart crystal used to do a Braemar cut that had a plain diamond cut with a horizontal band of small diamond cuts above it.
      Decanters tend to be easy to match as they do not have to be exact and the shape is not critical.
      If you want to send me an image of a glass I will recommend the nearest options.
      Alternatively here is a link to the decanters we have available.

      Kind regards,

    2. Nigel,

      After years of searching, I have finally acquired a Edinburgh Crystal “Braemar” pattern decanter… I’m emailing you a picture. It’s the wine decanter, and now my search is on for the spirits decanter!


  3. Hi Nigel,

    I see from a previous comment that you have early Edinburgh Crystal catalogues. Is there any chance you could PM me with details? I’m trying to tie down a design name.

    Kind regards


    1. Dear Duncan,
      Do you know the name of the Edinburgh Crystal design and I might be able to help you with a near alternate.
      All Edinburgh stock has now gone and I know from speaking to people that finding any stock is a challenge.
      Not sure what PM meant, sorry,
      Kind regards,

  4. I am trying to source Edinburgh crystal thistle liqueur glasses with the stag decoration at the top instead of leaves. I have seen them on ebay and have been an unsuccessful bidder. Any thoughts as to where I might search?

    Such a tragedy that our famous glass ware is going into oblivion and with exception of Emma Bridgewater the same for pottery at Stoke-on-Trent.

    1. Dear Jane,
      I have some Edinburgh Thistle Whisky glasses at home, with out doubt they are the best whisky glasses I have used.
      Sadly you will just have to continue to be lucky with ebay or other auction sites or companies.
      I agree with you comments about our industry – however there are new tarriffs on imported tableware from China which will push prices up. Hopefully what is left of the industry in Stoke-on-Trent may benefit. Shame they did not apply the tarriffs when the factories were still alive!
      Many thanks for your interest and good luck finding Thistle,
      kind regards,
      Nigel Havens

    2. Hi Jane,
      I have a collection of Thisle Range crystal I am looking to sell. Maybe this might be of interest for you.I have in my collection

      . Whiskey tumblers / ( have 2 of)
      Brandy glasses / ( have 4 of)
      Wine glasses / ( have 5 of)
      Large Wine Goblets ( have 5 of)
      Wine Decanter / ( have 1 of)
      Whiskey Decanter ( have 1 of)

      This are all in absolute perfect condition. I hope you find these interesting and I look forward to hearing from you.If this is not suitable for yourselves I wonder if you could suggest somewhere where I can sell them.
      Kindest Regards.
      Glenn Prosser.

      Sorry my contact details to contact me are , / or phone me on 0031 646888860
      Thanks again

  5. Dear Nigel,

    I have a pair of tumblers of the design shown at the links below. I am considering purchasing a spirits decanter but I don’t think one was made in this design (E 16?). I would be appreciative if you could advise, perhaps from your old catalogues:
    a) which Edinburgh design decanter would most closely match these glasses? (I shall obviously have to then rely on eBay.)
    b) what might be a suitable alternative from a different manufacturer.

    Thanks very much.
    Kind regards,

    1. Hello Keith.
      Perhaps you have already acquired a Braemar dccanter by now?
      Just to let you know I have an Edinburgh Crystal whisky decanter (unsure of design) but it closely resembles the design of the Braemar glasses in your link.
      I’m looking to sell my decanter and hope I can be of assistance if you might be interested.
      Best regards
      Jane McCreadie

    2. Dear Jane,

      It is kind of you to think of me when selling your decanter. Unfortunately, at the moment I am in the process of selling my house and my glasses are packed in a box. I won’t ask you to wait until I am ready here before offering it for sale. Thanks anyway, I sincerely appreciate your offer.

      Kind regards,

  6. Dear Nigel,
    I am gradually collecting thistle glasses and would like to know more about their history and differences. Why are some stamped with Made in Edinburgh whilst others are not? Did the glass shape change at any time? When did the etching design change? Any information about the glasses would be very gratefully received.
    With thanks

    1. Dear Amanda,
      From the limited records that I have, Edinburgh Thistle was first introduced in 1896.
      The backstamp would have either the name Edinburgh or a Lion on hind legs. As well as the thistle shape some of the tumblers were also available in more traditional rummer shapes.
      I am not sure if the etching designed changed on the Thistle range but I expect that they would have introduced complimentary designs covering traditional Scottish outdoor pursuits.
      I have some whisky tumblers which I use on the rare occasions that I ever have a wee dram. The sharpness of the cut and design are a reminder of just how great our glass making traditions in the UK were. So sad that this craftsmanship is all but lost today.
      Sorry I do not have much more information,
      Kind regards,

    2. Hi Amanda,
      I have a collection of Thisle Range crystal I am looking to sell. Maybe this might be of interest for you.I have in my collection

      . Whiskey tumblers / ( have 2 of)
      Brandy glasses / ( have 4 of)
      Wine glasses / ( have 5 of)
      Large Wine Goblets ( have 5 of)
      Wine Decanter / ( have 1 of)
      Whiskey Decanter ( have 1 of)

      This are all in absolute perfect condition. I hope you find these interesting and I look forward to hearing from you.If this is not suitable for yourselves I wonder if you could suggest somewhere where I can sell them.
      Kindest Regards.
      Glenn Prosser.

      Sorry my contact details to contact me are , / or phone me on 0031 646888860
      Thanks again

  7. Hi Nigel

    Wondering if you can help I have a near complete set of Eclipse range but missing the odd item or two!

    Is there any hope of completing my set in any way?

    Many THanks


  8. my brother had bought me a set of edinburgh crystal glasses some years ago. i believe they are brandy or whiskey glasses. there are two in the box, one has a pheasant etched into the glass the other a grouse. any idea as to what these may be worth in u.s. currency?? i have had no luck whatsoever even finding them on line.

  9. Hi I have some Edinburgh Crystal- Thistle pattern, put away in my attic, glasses, decanters, a bowl and what I think may be a couple of candle sticks. Do you know how I could go about selling them?

    Kind Regards

    1. Dear Eileen,
      There are glass replacement companies on the web who may be interested in buying them. Alternatively you can try auction sites.
      If I were you I would keep the Edinburgh Thistle glasses, they are iconic, were hand made and are now irreplaceable!
      You could add a further comment here promoting the glasses you have and price you want for them, your email contact details and any interested parties could contact you direct.
      Kind regards,

    2. Dear Eileen, Please see comment below from an interested party:
      I would be interested in Edinburgh Thistle sherry ie the next size up from liqueur glasses if the lady has any???? Thank you for keeping me in the loop.

  10. Hello
    Sorry to take so long in replying do not have any sherry glasses, I only have wine glasses wish I could help.
    Kind Regards

  11. Dear Sir,
    I am looking to sell my collection of Edinburgh Crystal The Thistle Range. I am looking to sell them all and I would appreciate your expert view of value estimates and also possible sale lots to achieve the best results. They are all in absolute mint condition and clear,

    I hope that you find them of some value and can you could give me any advice to where best I can sell them..

    I have in my collection

    . Whiskey tumblers / ( have 2 of)
    Brandy glasses / ( have 4 of)
    Wine glasses / ( have 5 of)
    Large Wine Goblets ( have 5 of)
    Wine Decanter / ( have 1 of)
    Whiskey Decanter ( have 1 of)

    This are all in absolute perfect condition. I hope you find these interesting and I look forward to hearing from you.If this is not suitable for yourselves I wonder if you could suggest somewhere where I can sell them.
    Kindest Regards.
    Glenn Prosser.
    Tel. 0031 646 8888 60.

    1. Hi Glenn,

      Did you ever sell your Edinburgh Crystal Thistle wine decanter?

      If not can you tell me what the makers stamp is etched on the bottom (E.G E&L Edinburgh Crystal, Made in Scotland)? And what size is the decanter?

      I might be interested.

  12. Dear Nigel

    Thank you for passing on these emails. Do you know if the smaller wine glasses have knopped stems? I only like the old style Thistle designs. Any photos?

    Thank you for passing these messages on to me.

    Jane Cooper

  13. Hi, just wondered if you know anything of Edinburgh Crystal making red and white wine glasses in a range called “Gallery”? I was given four red, four white, many years ago and always saved them for special occasions (they’ve never been used!) Boxed in pairs. I appreciate they’re not cut glass crystal like those most found. They’re described as “contemporary for everyday use” just plain glasses, but nice ones. I know they’re probably one of their budget ranges but I can’t find any info on them at all. Can you shed any light? Thanks

    1. Hello

      The “Gallery” range was produced as a sub-brand, featuring more contemporary glassware and giftware ranges aimed at the younger market.

  14. Have acquires three small handled Einburgh crystal glasses, like mini tankards, fraction over 7cm, stamped Made in Edinburgh, large cross pattern with small cross in centre were large crosses meet. Dose anyone have any info on them? Purpose? Age? Pattern. Have searched the net and found nothing on these glasses. help!!

    1. Dear Eleanor,
      Sorry I cannot give you much advice, the range is all discontinued now. Posted the comment someone could come up with some ideas.

  15. Dear Nigel, In 1992 my late wife and I bought from Harra’s while visiting London 16 Thistle Large Water Goblets and White Wine Glasses. Very rarely used and in pristine condition today and at this moment I have no interest in selling them but I do have a question about them. When each piece was made were they to the same exact measurements in regard to height. While most of my Goblets are exact there are four just a hair taller or shorter. Is this a concern? I never bothered to measure them until recently when I put them into a new cabinet.

    This is the most beautiful cystal I have ever seen and you have to be very, very special for me to even be able to view them never mind use them. It was a company of geniune crystal art that I am afraid will never be seen again. A true shame.

    What would prevent a small group of the acual workers who were with Edinburg from starting up a very small operation to revise the Thistle style on a limited basis. I think they could do very well if the quality can be the same as the original and after all they were the one’s that made them.

    Sincerely, Albert

    1. Dear Albert,
      Many thanks for contacting us. Always interested to hear of crystal glass stories. The point you make about sizing tolerances has long been an industry issue, along with bubbles and so called small imperfections. The truth is that all totally hand made product will have a small margin of tolerance – each glass should be considered a unique piece of art. Caliper measures were used for sizing but the glass outcome was totally reliant on the expertise, eye and craftsmanship of each glass maker – there was bound to be a minute variance from master craftsman to master craftsman.
      It is this variance that today makes high quality, hand made glass stand out from the machine made, machine cut, lazer measured glass that appears perfect to the eye but the packaging department is usually as near as it gets to a human hand!
      Sadly only people that understand the process recognise these variances as qualities rather than imperfections.
      Enjoy your glasses they truly are a work of art.
      Kind regards,

  16. I have just acquired 6 Edinburgh crystal glasses, no name etched on the bottom, only a sticker stating Edinburgh, international, handcut,Hungary, and a black lion in the centre of the sticker.
    Were they made in Hungary or is that the design name?

    1. It sounds like they are part of the Edinburgh International range. Could be a pattern called Embassy. Most of the International glass was made in Hungary and Czechoslovakia.

  17. Nigel – on the closure of the Edinburgh Crystal business I rescued two large files of cutting patterns and specifications for many of the edinburgh crystal designs including thistle, Lochnagar, Star of edinburgh and many other patterns too numerous to mention. I wondered if these have any value or if you have any suggestions as to who might be interested in looking at them.

    1. Dear Ruth,
      I have spoken to a couple of people better qualified than me on Edinburgh Crystal. Apparently there were many copies of the cutting patterns made so they are unlikely to be of any huge financial value. Having said that it is always good to retain historical information of our once proud industry.
      Kind regards,

  18. Hi Nigel,

    I read somewhere that ‘Star of Edinburgh’ range is a collectible item, is this true? I know that Thistle is, and now that the crystal is no longer being manufactured it will all be collectible. However is there any significance to the Star of Edinburgh range?

    Many thanks,

    1. Dear Sarah,
      Star of Edinburgh and Thistle were the 2 iconic Edinburgh crystal patterns and all pre 2008 product was made in the Edinburgh factory.
      Both patterns have a demand and as such this will create some value.
      If you check on auction websites you will get an indication of what people are prepared to pay.
      My instinct is that it will not be as high as the intrinsic value as many people would not understand the skills of the craftsmen that made the original product.
      Treasure ithe glasses, the like of which is unlikely to be seen again.
      kind regards,

  19. Hi

    I have been left several pieces 9bowls, glasses and vases) of Edinburgh International and I have no idea as to their value. I cannot find their designs at all.
    A bit of a tall order, but can you give me any suggestions as to where to go next?

  20. Hi Nigel!

    We’ve purchased a tall Edinburgh Thistle Hurricane Lamp, complete, at an estate sale. I’m trying to find a value before I prepare it for sale – but haven’t found a thing! Several of the smaller 6″ or so ones have sold on eBay recently, but I’m not seeing any of the 14.875″ tall ones like ours.

    Do you have access to a retail value on the tall Hurricane Lamp?

    Many thanks!

    1. Dear Kelli,
      Sorry the Edinburgh Thistle range and this item were discontinued many years ago.
      We are unable to give prices on the secondary market,
      Kind regards,

  21. Hi Nigel

    I have a Thistle cut Magnum ships decanter which my friends tell me is now very rare. It’s in mint condition – a wedding present some 25 years ago. Is there a market for selling this and was the decanter hand made.

    Kind regards


    1. Dear Amanda,
      I will post it on here you may get some direct interest.
      The original Thistle was hand made in Scotland and is desirable, I am sure that there might be some interest.
      Kind regards,

    1. Dear Dee,
      Edinburgh Crystal used to make a range called Thistle that was one of their iconic designs. It could be from that range in which case you have a very special glass that sadly is no longer available,
      Kind regards,

  22. I have a large set of decanters and glasses of Star of Edinburgh that I am looking to sell. Some have no stamp and some have Edinburgh Scotland stamped on the bottom. Do you know why some have no stamp. They were all purchased during 1993.

    1. Hi Carolyn
      I worked for Edinburgh Crystal from 78 to 96 on the retail side. I dont know if anyone answered your question but anyway, if they have the stamp on the base then they are classed as first quality. Without the stamp it is classed as seconds. Again there is nothing wrong with the item it may just have more air bubbles than most others I hope that helps

  23. Hi Nigel, I have what I believe is a Edinburgh, Scotland Lochnagar Ship’s Decanter, I have scoured the internet and could only find a design drawing of this piece, I would be very grateful if you can find out if this is a rare item or any information possible,

    With Many Thanks in Advance

    Kindest Regards

  24. I have 2 Eclipse large wine glasses and was just wondering how much they sold for 10 years ago when we recieved them as a wedding present

    1. Dear Vicki,
      We do not give estimates without seeing the goods in person.
      However the approximate value would have been around £30 per pair.

  25. Dear Vicki,
    We do not give estimates without seeing the goods in person.
    I suggest you check ebay and see if there is anything similar being sold and at what price.

  26. I am selling an assorted collection of Edingburgh Thistle Crystal 60 pieces in all (wine-cordial-sherry glasses), 5 sizes of tumbler glasses, 2 sizes Brandy glasses, 2 forms of old fashion glasses, varios jugs, and 2 decanters. All items in very good condition. Items can be sold individually, Photos of all Items can be sent per Email. Ideal situation would be to sell lot completely. I also have several Galway crystal items in presentation boxes:-Flutes with golfer, happy birthday,and engagement, wine goblets, 2 decanters. If intrested, call germany 06226-991539 ask for jimmy or mobile 015208497899.

    1. Hi,

      Did you end up selling your Edinburgh Crystal thistle collection?

      If not do you have the large wine decanter in your collection? The 11 1/2 inches decanter?

      Also what is the makers mark etched in the bottom (E.G E&L Edinburgh Crystal, Made in Scotland)?


  27. Hi, l am looking for 2 or more of the Edinburgh crystal wine glasses . Name Eclipse. urgent

    1. Hi which size wine glasses are you looking for? There are 2 sizes red and white.?


    2. Hi Ruth there must be a mistake ,I am selling Edinburgh Thistle Crystal for a rather eccentric Scotsman who has arranged his own funeral and needs to raise the money to pay for such ,the gentleman used to deal with these products, and what I have are Items he still has 59 pieces to be exact. So you can understand that I am not seeking to buy, thanks and cheers. J.H.

  28. about 20 years ago my late husband won a prize of 1st quality Edinburgh Crystal thistle design claret decanter (the one with a handle) and 6 matching claret glasses. They have never been used but sit gathering dust in my display cabinet. I have the box for the glasses but not the box for the decanter. Can you guide me on how to sell them and how much I might ask for them? The decanter still has its label but the glasses do not.

    1. Dear Avril,
      Thistle was the most iconic ranges of Edinburgh Crystal. Difficult to put a value but I estimate that the decanter would have cost around £750 and each glass around £75.
      We do not deal in the secondary market so I am unable to help with the best way to sell.
      I will post on our website and any interested parties can contact you direct,
      Kind regards,

  29. Hi

    I have a box of 6 whiskey glasses in an Edinburgh crystal box. However they don’t have any makers marks on the bottom, just 2 dots! I believe them to be very similar to the Tay design but there is a line of etched circles underneath the main vertical point (if that makes sense). Are these genuine crystal, or seconds? Are they of any value?

    Thanks for your help.

  30. Hi
    I am trying to identify an edinburgh crystal pattern, the stamp on the base is a lion rampant. I assume that it is one of the later patterns. It is similar to tay but the stem is different any ideas?

  31. Dear Nigel

    I have a large amount of Edinburgh Tay crystal:-
    12 Large wine glasses
    12 Small wine glasses
    12 Large water glasses
    12 whiskey glasses
    1 large water jug
    1 smaller water jug
    plus other pieces.

    All are unused and in there original boxes. Can you give me an indication of their cost and the best place to sell these items.
    Many thanks

    1. Dear Maria,
      I cannot give the secondary market value on discontinued product. If you look on Ebay or discontinued replacement websites you may get a feel for what you might expect.
      I will make your post public and anyone interested would contact you direct.
      Kind regards,


    2. Do you still have these? I am interested in buying Tay. I started collecting them for my father when I studied at University of Edinburgh…

  32. Dear Nigel,
    Whilst searching through and clearing out some old glassware from my mother-in-law, we have found a boxed set of 6 Edinburgh Hand Cut imported Ambassador sherry glasses. They are still in the original tissue paper and have the original labels on each glass. I have searched the internet and ebay for information on their Ambassador Range code 74342, but unable to find any information or cost. Do you know how old these might be and a rough guide of their value. I can send you photos if it would help. The mother-in-law believes they could be pre 1970 but not sure.

    Thank you for your help,


  33. Hi Nigel

    Many s

    Some years ago my wife gave me six beautiful whiskey tumblers bought in John Lewis. I have been taking good care of them because of their beauty and emotional value, but sadly I broke one a couple of weeks ago. Since then I have been searching the internet. I have found many looking almost like mine but not exactly. So I hope you are able to help me with a name of the glass. It is probably Edinburgh Crystal because of the lion in the bottom. They are straight sided, 9 cms tall and 8 cms wide. I’m sure how to post photos on this site so I have tried linking to dropbox instead. I hope you or some of your followers are able to help out.

    Best wishes,

    Morten Kliim-Due
    Elsinore, Denmark

  34. Hello,

    I am moving house so am having a reluctant clear out of my Eclipse range, which I sadly don’t think I’ll ever complete. I have:

    6 tumblers, 5 wine glasses, a decanter, an ice bucket and a small dish.

    All are used (apart from the ice bucket which is as new) but in good condition

    I might have boxes in the loft but am not 100% sure.

    I live in Hertfordshire, if anyone would like them to complete their set or as replacements please get in touch to discuss a price.

    Kind regards

    1. Hi Becky,
      I have made your comment visible and anyone who requires replacement Edinburgh Eclipse glasses can contact you directly.
      Kind regards,


  35. If you ever get to hear of any Skye pattern champagne glasses, please let me know. I’m so cross with myself I’ve broken one and I’m now desperate to replace it
    Many thanks
    Josephine stokes, Leicester

  36. I have a Caledonia 14” pedestal Vase – “Flight of Pegasus” No.2 in the collection of 100. Do you know the value of this piece. Thank you.

  37. Hi there. I have 41 Edinburgh Thistle glasses for sale. What is the best way of selling them. There is also a Thistle decanter for sale which matches the glasses.

  38. Were “rimmed soup bowls” manufactured for the Edinburgh Thistle pattern? I have not seen any photos on the internet.

  39. Hello,

    I started collecting the Orrin set; however, I didn’t complete my set. All the glasses are in their boxes and have never been used. I’m looking to sell them so that I can buy and collect and complete set. I have x2 large wine, x8 champagne x6 tumblers.

    Do let me know if you’re interested.


  40. Help, I am trying to locate one wine glass and two whisky glasses (both the larger size) from the Edinburgh Crystal Continental Range called Vienna. I have been looking for ages for the whisky ones and now my husband has broken a wine glass as well. If anyone out there has any to sell, please contact me. Failing that, does anyone know if there is another design very similar. Many thanks

  41. Hi there Nigel I have that isnt getting used or displayed any more a crystal clock to celebrate the first wireless transmission across the Atlantic, is it a rare piece or many made as I can’t seam to find much out about the is clock. Thank you Adrian

  42. Wondering if this is still active. I have a small collection of Edinburgh Scotland crystal. Id like to get some idea of value. Please reply.

  43. I bought second hand EDINBURGH CRYSTAL LOMOND WHISKY GLASSES SET OF 6 All are etched on the base with the old oval (made in Edinburgh Scotland) mark What age would these glasses date from

  44. I have some Edinburgh Crystal for sale, and wondering if it’s possible to get any empty boxes for them, so that I may safely send them out? I need all different sizes. If anyone has any can you post here and I will give you a contact address.

  45. Hi Nigel,
    Sad story…My darling daughter broke my thistle decanter. Square cut, thistle design on all sides with classic thistle shaped stopper. This was a limited edition (no: 17/500) which I bought in Sydney in 2006 for $275. Any hope of finding a replacement??

  46. Hi Nigel,

    I am looking for a Edinburgh Crystal Thistle Decanter, the large wine decanter 11 1/2 inches with the E&L Edinburgh Crystal makers mark.

    I have been searching EBay but is there any other places you could recommend?

  47. Hi,

    I am looking for a Edinburgh Crystal thistle decanter which E&L etched mark. Other than eBay can you recommend other places I could find such pieces for sale?

  48. I have a friend who has a collection of Edinburgh Crystal Thistle glasses etc. He would love be to own a ships
    decanter in thistle pattern. How can he find out where / if one can be bought.

  49. Does anyone know where I can get 3 thistle wine glasses please? It is 7 1/4 inches tall and 3 inches diameter. If I can’t get hold of them I might as well sell the whole collection that I have, which is circa 50 glasses – champagne flutes, brandy, whiskey, port, sherry, red wine, water goblet, another slightly larger than port glass, decanter, water jug, large jug, salt & pepper shaker

  50. Thank you Nigel for a wonderful article and thread.
    Such a sad story…

    I wish there was a chance for Edinburgh Crystal to come alive again. I started collecting the TAY model for my father 18 years ago while studying in Edinburgh.
    It is not yet complete…
    I am interested in adding TAY glasses in all varieties as well as other items (decanter, bowl etc), if anyone has a lead, please contact me.
    My email is

  51. Hi nigel I am trying to find a Edinburgh crystal catalogue that has the ness range in it. So I can check what glasses I don’t have any ideas where I could find a catalogue many thanks Paul clark

  52. Hi Nigel,
    Regarding the back stamp on Edinburgh Thistle stemware, if only a faint etched Rampant Lion is present is that an indicator of crystal made in Scotland pre-2006? Any idea as to when just a Lion stamp would have been used. Thank you!

  53. I’m trying to find The Edinburgh Royal Crystal Whiskey Decanter made around 1980. It has engraved cut tiny Stars can you help to identify. Or if you have one I would like to purchase it .many thanks ADE. In the UK Chippenham Wiltshire England.

  54. How can I tell if my Edinburgh crystal glasses are fake or not – recently sold some and they were returned as women said she thought they were fake as heavier than the ones she had and the Edinburgh Crystal stamp is reversed and in the wrong place, I was given them 25 years ago as a wedding present and never used them, any thoughts if they are real or fake and how to tell

  55. I would love to know the difference between Edinburgh Crystal Thistle ‘old cut’ and ‘new cut’ please.