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Further News on Edinburgh Crystal Glasses

It has been over 6 months since KPS took over the Waterford Crystal group of brands, at last we have some news on the Edinburgh Crystal ranges that they are to go forward with.

They will continue with:

The following patterns are to be discontinued:

  • Skye all glasses. There is still some stock either here or at the factory of Sherry Glasses, Tumblers, Highball Tumblers and Brandy Glasses. All other glasses are now gone.
  • Skibo all glasses. We have as does the factory reasonable stock of all glasses.
  • Torrent all glasses. We have as does the factory reasonable stock of all glasses.
  • Star of Edinburgh all glasses. The only glasses that are available still are Goblets, Tumblers, Highball Tumblers, Wine Decanter, Square Decanter and Ships Decanter

Of the discontinued patterns the most contentious are Skye and Star of Edinburgh as they were both good selling patterns with Star of Edinburgh being iconic Edinburgh Crystal. They have been outsourcing the product successfully and the quality was good even though not made in Scotland. We have requested a rationale behind this decision and hope to post more news as we have it.

All product that they are to continue with will be outsourced in factories around Europe.

Apologies to all our customers who have been let down by the demise of Edinburgh Crystal and the discontinuation of certain patterns but if you are looking for a quality reliable alternative I would recommend Royal Scot Crystal.