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Villeroy and Boch Maxima Glasses Now Back in Stock

At last they are back! As some of you will have experienced, the Villeroy and Boch Maxima Glasses, particularly the White Wine Glasses, the Flute Champagne Glasses and the Red Wine Bordeaux glasses have been out of stock since November 2011.

Villeroy and Boch Maxima range of Glasses
Villeroy and Boch Maxima range of Glasses

Information from Villeroy and Boch has been a bit sketchy but my understanding is that they have been having manufacturing supply issues, well I guess we knew that! Let me tell you it has cost us a load of orders and our customers loads of inconvenience as the Villeroy and Boch Maxima glasses are  one of our best selling good quality mid price range glasses.

They are tall and elegant and look for more value than their cost.

So good stocks again now and we hope not to run out again in the foreseeable future –  if we do it will only be temporary. I have got Rose on the case to keep her eye on the stock.

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