Tea Cosy (22963)
Norfolk Kitchen Textiles BelleTea Cosy£10.95
44 Piece Polished Set (10632)
Stellar Rochester44 Piece Polished Set£89.00 RRP £178.00
Bow Apron (22962)
Norfolk Kitchen Textiles BelleBow Apron£19.95

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GabyMarch 30, 2015

Easter taste test as seen in the Guardian

The human race has certainly come along way when you stop and think about it. Take Easter eggs for instance. Time was when you’d have been given a painted duck or hen egg an…Read more

Long Service Awards - Whether it is a Thank you Gift, Retirement Gift or you are trying to outsource an entire Long Service Award Programme. Wedding Gift List - The Havens Gift List is a simple way for your friends and family to select those truly special presents to celebrate your big occassion.