Highball Tumbler Glass (27004)
Highball Tumbler Glass (27004)

William Yeoward Corinne Highball Tumbler Glass

£29.00 Each

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William YeowardCorinneHighball Tumbler Glass

Unit: EachMPN:807078EAN:5036877070780Code: 27004

  • Size: 17cm | 6.75"
  • Capacity: 420ml | 15oz
  • Hand Made glass

This tall tumbler goes nicely with long drinks such as beer, fruit juice or pimms!

Caring For Your William Yeoward Crystal

William Yeoward Crystal is a hand made product and although it is robust, care should be taken in its use, cleaning and storage. It is recommended Crystal should be washed by hand in a plastic bowl of warm soapy water using a mild detergent - to minimise the risk of damage, items should be washed one at a time.

Dry the Crystal while still warm with a soft, dry cloth, taking care to always hold the outside of the bowl when drying a wine glass; never hold the foot while drying the bowl as this can easily lead to the bowl being twisted off and broken.Glasses should be stored the right way up- not on their rims which are the weakest and most easily damaged part.

Crystal can easily break if subjected to rapid change in temperature; therefore do not use Crystal in a refrigerator or freezer. Similarly do not stand a cold piece of Crystal on a hot surface or vice versa. Be careful not to put a piece of cold Crystal directly into hot water.

Only use Crystal in a dishwasher if it has a low temperature, gentle program; and use a non abrasive, mild, cream detergent.

By following the above advice you will preserve your Crystal in good condition for many years.

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