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Waterford Crystal

Waterford Crystal

Waterford Crystal is still the most iconic of quality cut crystal brands. Established in Waterford, Ireland in 1783 by uncle and nephew George and William Penrose, Waterford Crystal is still selling wine, drinking glasses and gifts to discerning people through out the World.
The traditional Lismore design continues to be best seller as are the more contemporary glass styling of the Lismore Elegance and Ardan ranges. When you buy a piece of Waterford Crystal you can be assured of beauty, craftsmanship and quality.

Whilst today there is only a small manufacturing presence at the Waterford Factory in Ireland, design is still very much done in house and the crystal is then outsourced in quality European glass factories to Waterford's very exacting standards.

The tradition of not supplying seconds still holds true. Any product that is not deemed first quality is smashed. Bear in mind that with hand made glass there can be small variations and the occasional small bubble is part of the individuality and testament to being hand made. Chips and large bubbles or seeds are not acceptable.