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Portmeirion Botanic Garden Cookware & Ovenware

When you are talking of the Icons of the British china cookware and ovenware market you do not get much more iconic than Portmeirion Botanic Garden Cookware. The pottery is designed by Susan Williams-Ellis and introduced into the Portmeirion cookware portfolio in 1972, Botanic Garden Cookware is as fresh and popular today is it was in the 1970's.

The continued success is down to the constant refreshing of the Floral designs, a total of 46 Flower patterns have featured at any one time on the Botanic Garden china range. Botanic Garden cookware beautifully presents your cooking in a traditionally iconic oven dish.

If you are looking for china that ticks all the boxes and has longevity and is more than likely to keep on going in the future, then Botanic Garden Cookware is the china for you. A true British design icon.

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PortmeirionXBotanic GardenX
Botanic Garden Covered Veg / Casserole Dish (20241)
Portmeirion Botanic Garden
Covered Veg / Casserole Dish
£49.50 RRP £55.00
Save £5.50
Covered Veg / Casserole Dish5.0511 Rating 5.0 1 Review
Botanic Garden Lasagne Dish (20246)
Portmeirion Botanic Garden
Lasagne Dish
£53.10 RRP £59.00
Save £5.90
Lasagne Dish5500 No Rating 0 Reviews
Botanic Garden Deep Square Dish (20243)
Portmeirion Botanic Garden
Deep Square Dish
£50.85 RRP £56.50
Save £5.65
Deep Square Dish4.0510 Rating 4.0 0 Reviews

3 Results

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