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We receive many enquiries for the very popular Waterford John Rocha range of Signature and Geo Crystal glasses which Waterford in their wisdom discontinued in 2018 and are no longer available.
Havens does not trade in the Secondary market or buy used products, to protect our own integrity.
However from time to time we are offered glasses to buy.
If you want to sell then we are happy for you to comment below with the exact measurements of the glasses you are selling and a full description, boxing, prices along with contact method preferred
Any potential purchaser will then contact the vendor directly
Please note we will play no part in these communications and the responsibilities lie with the two willing parties.


From: Anthony Harrison-Griffin (DOT) <>
Sent: 26 May 2022 15:24
To: ‘’ <>
Subject: John Rocha signature Waterford Crystal

Hi Nigel,

Great to have a brief chat earlier today over my collection of Waterford Crystal

Many thanks for your advice and very helpful suggestion to allow me to add onto your blog.

Sadly, my tech skills have let me down somewhat as I don’t see how to add a comment to any of your blog posts?

I feel badly asking as you have been tremendously helpful already, I’m just hoping it’s something simple that I’m missing and you can just tell me to click here, do that, throw salt over your shoulder and there you go!!!

Anyway the list is here if that’s any help:

John Rocha Signature Waterford Crystal

Large Wine Glass        230mm high     4 off

Small Wine Glass        200mm high     4 off

Tumbler                       110mm high     5 off

Champagne Flute        261mm high     4 off

Carafe                          240mm high     1 off

Thanks again for the help

Best wishes