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The Offensive Weapons Act 2019 (OWA)

New rules come into play April 2022 governing the sale of Kitchen Knives.

Now let us not underestimate the devastating impact Knife crime has on our Community. Knives are the current weapon of choice for many ne’er do wells and in particular used in Gang related crime.

In an effort to be seen to be doing something about the issue the Government is imposing bureaucracy to solve the problem.

Given that there are already 400 Million plus kitchen knives readily available in the Nations Kitchens, it smacks of virtue signalling. Surely a miscreant would just open the Kitchen draw?

Anyway as a result when buying from all retailers we now have to have your proof of age, as like alcohol no one under the age of 18 is allowed to buy a Kitchen Knife.

Also like alcohol under 18’s will still find a way!

So with this in mind when you place your order please preferably pay with your registered Credit Card – (Only available to 18 year olds +). Debit Cards, Authorised User Credit Cards or Paypal will require us to obtain further proof from you.

Once we receive the order we will then email you with a request for Age Verification. This can be done taking an image of a document that relates to you with your age and the address for delivery.

Acceptable Forms are: A Photo Driving Licence, Valid Passport, A proof of Age Card like PASS

We will be unable to send any Knives to another address of leave in a safe place.

Please note no payment is taken and the order will not be processed until Age is Verified.

Bizarrely the Government are also mandating that we label the outer packaging “contains a bladed product.” A bit like saying this parcel contains £100 in cash!

Inevitably this will all be an inconvenience to the 99% of the public who just want to rub along in life.

It is unlikely to quell the rise in Knife crime which is frightening and abhorrent. The next level for the Gangsters is guns and unless we get tough on crime it will end up there.

My personal view, for what it is worth to try to mitigate the Knife issue:

An increase in random metal detection in known crime areas and access points. Stations, Schools, Pubs, Clubs to name a few.

Anyone caught in possession of a Knife, in particular if it is concealed on the body without a suitable reason, should know they will go to prison for a year for every inch of the knife including the handle.

Any known Gang member should expect an even greater Custodial sentence if caught in possession regardless of reason.

We must act to stop this life wasting Crime, but stopping the sale of Kitchen knives through legitimate Authorised retailers seems to me a total misunderstanding by the Government on the real issue of how the nefarious will get tooled up to protect themselves or to cause devastation.

PS. We now understand that all loose bladed knives including Table Knives and Dessert Knives sold individually are included in this mandate! Looks like sales of liquidisers are sure to go up!