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It was great to see the cheeky chappy Greg Wallace visit the Denby Pottery Factory in the BBC2 series of Inside the Factory. Wednesday 2nd February 2022 9pm

I have visited most of the factories we buy from over the years and it is hard to get across to the Public the hand made nature of the China and Glass products we sell.

From mud to finished article, Greg took us on the manufacturing journey of a Halo Mug in his own inimitable style.

Clay mixing, turning to slip – clay in its liquid form – and then back into solid clay again before using a mould to form into a Mug, principally with the support of machines.

Handles are precisely hand applied and the biscuit is fired. Then the Mug is hand dipped in a reactive glaze – a glaze that changes colour and characteristics when fired at high temperatures.

This gives Denby Halo its stunning style with each piece uniquely created. It is a wonder there is any uniformity at all!

So next time you are buying a piece of china keep in mind the process it has gone through to arrive on your table, I think most would then agree that your average Denby Pottery mug represents excellent value for money.