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Showrooming at Havens

We are receiving interest from entrepreneurs who make or sell product through social media and other online channels who would like to showroom their ideas and products. Whilst in the past this is not something we have really considered, in this ever changing “gig” sharing society we now live in, we have to give it worthy consideration.

The feed back we are receiving is that as ideas and business evolves from kitchen to workshop there is a requirement for showroom space that is all inclusive, not too expensive and flexible.

The one thing we do have is space in our glorious Grade 2 listed building and we are now opening discussions to see how this can work for all parties. What we also have is order fulfilment expertise, another area in which we can support new and growing businesses.

The key for all is to ensure that the idea or product has a synergy with what we are currently doing or potentially can do, so Home, Table Top and Gifting are all perfect partners as is Vintage Clothing, Fashion Accessories and Jewellery, to suggest a few, though we are open to all ideas.

I believe that the other pre requisite is that the idea or product is mainly selling through online or social media channels. I say this as the High Street has changed and is catching up with the Consumers changing habits. Footfall has declined over many years so we all have to market and communicate to the consumer via social media and email. If you have a unique offer then the consumer will make the effort – you can no longer rely on them just coming through the doors.

The concept is to charge a small monthly rental for shared floorspace that is all inclusive. We would then take a percentage of any sales through the store itself. The great thing is you can train us to sell your product so you do not need to even be here.

Window space can also be negotiated as can your own branding. Taking advantage of our fulfilment team is also an option which can be costed by parcel sent.

So if you are thinking along similar lines call Nigel Havens on 01702 342 757 or email Lets see what potential there is for our mutual benefit.

If it works for you then it can work for us.


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