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The Best Selling Gin and Tonic Glasses

I cannot put my finger on why there has been an explosion in Gin & Tonic varieties but it has been quite dramatic over the last year or so…

When you previously ordered Gin & Tonic you might be given a choice of maybe 2, though more often than not, what ever happened to be available would usually be a Gordons. It was mostly mixed with Schweppes Tonic – Slim line or Full body and ice and slice of lemon.

Now we see a whole host of different flavours and varieties emerging. The basic ingredients in distilling Gin are clear alcohol and Juniper berries which give it the distinctive taste. Added to that are many other botanicals and fruits giving each one a distinctive taste. To enhance the flavour different slices can be added apart from the humble lemon – lime, cucumber, more fresh Juniper berries and apple (to name a few).

The mixer has changed too and the interesting story of Fever Tree development highlights this.

Charles Rolls who formerly ran Plymouth Gin wanted to research and perfect the perfect tonic – as he says 75% of a G&T is tonic so make sure it is good. He and a partner eventually came up with the ingredients and has continued to evolve with certain Tonics flavoured to suit spefic Gins.

What we have also seen is a change in the style and use of the glass. The only option before was a tall highball which is still much used but no longer exclusively used… The emergence of a Gin Copa glass, which is a bulbous stemmed glass – essentially a Burgundy wine glass shape is now widely used.

Here is our guide to our Best Selling Gin & Tonic Glasses:

  1. Dartington Glass Gintuition.Here is the perfect Gin lovers set.A highball tumbler, a Copa glass and a Gin cocktail glass. All beautifully gift box with a Gin lovers guide too. Price £25
  2. Michelangelo Copa Gin and Tonic Glasses. Though officially Burgundy glasses the shape and stem high are perfect for G&T. They are also robust too so good for everyday drinking. Box of 4 £30
  3. Villeroy and Boch Maxima Copa shape Gin and Tonic. As above this is officially a Burgundy red wine glass but is also a great Copa G&t glass. Taller and more capacity than the Michelangelo glass. Box of 6 £42.75
  4. Dartington Bar Excellence Gin and Tonic Glasses. More like a traditional Gin and Tonic Hiball glass.: Tall and slim with a solid tactile base. Made in England to boot. Boxed Pair £38.70
  5. Dartington Glitz Copa Gin and Tonic Glasses. This is the sparkliest of the collection. Swarovski crystal stones make this perfect as a gift if she loves a Gin. Boxed Pair £42
  6. Royal Scot Skye Highball Glasses. Our best selling modern cut crystal highball glasses. Available in pairs £39.50 or sixes £79.50
  7. Royal Scot Edinburgh Gin and Tonic Hiballs. Traditional hand cut tall highball tumblers. Presentation Boxed pair £47.50
  8. Dartington Just the One Copa Stemmed Gin and Tonic Glass. A new one from Dartington, Perfect gift tubed, makes an ideal present. £10 each waterford-lismore
  9. Waterford Crystal Lismore Highball Gin and Tonic Tumblers. These are the daddy of them all in terms of branding and tradition. £55 each
  10. Cumbria Crystal Slim Jim Gin and Tonic Highball. If you like Downtown Abbey then you may have well seen these Tumblers screen appearence – only upstairs you understand but they are the most sublime glasses. £70 each

We have others too if these do not float your boat, give us a call or drop us an email and we will most certainly help you. or 01702 342 757



  1. I’m looking for a glass that throws loads of bubbles, is there one with etching on the inside base like some lager glasses please?

    1. Hi Peter,
      We do not have any glasses that artificially fizzes the liquid I am afraid.
      I know the beer ones you are talking about but it is more a marketing gimmick and to my knowledge none of the domestic use glass factories make anything like it.
      Clearly Flute Champagnes and Prossecco glass flutes are shaped to best allow the bubbles to effervesce.

      Kind regards,