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Best 5 Cutlery Set Offers and Deals

Right now we have some great offers and deals on Boxed and Canteens of Cutlery sets:

Here are our current top five:

1 Villeroy and Boch Piemont 24 Stainless steel set Piece set £390 to £117 ! A massive saving of £273 The brand is top quality goes without saying! What you get: 6 of each Dinner Knives, Dinner Forks, Dessert Spoons and Tea Spoons, all you really need.

2 Arthur Price Monsoon Mirage 44 Piece Boxed set: £200 to £98 saving £102. Again Arthur Price is a top brand. The Monsoon Mirage range is a hammered look stainless steel set and looks different and contemporary. Very little else of this quality, with this look, at this price on the market

3 Arthur Price Arctic 44 Piece Boxed Cutlery Set: £200 to £98 again a saving of £102. Artic is an interesting design. The handles have a ribbed affect running along them so they are very tactile. Arctic is a hot seller despite the name! always sells out when we have the promo available.

4 Horwoods Stellar Rochester 44 piece Boxed Cutlery Set: £260 to £98.80 saving a whopping £160 ish. Our best selling set all year round – well when the deal is on. Sleek contemporary handles the polished finish sells better than the satin.

MW Motion

5 Maxwell and Williams Motion 16 Piece Boxed Cutlery Set: £65 to £39 saving £26. Great offer, great value, great versatile cutlery. what more can I say. In the box is 4 of each Table Knives, Table Forks, Dessert Spoons and Tea Spoons.

Please bear in mind that theses fantastic deals are available at time of going to press and may be sold out if you are reading this post much later. Click on the link and it will tell you if it is still available.