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Celebrating Beautiful British Burleigh ware – Part 1

“Out of original Victorian buildings, the clay is moulded, shaped and decorated to produce works of art … cups and saucers and plates and teapots rush like magic out of the clay.  May the ovens never grow cold, may Stoke-on-Trent, the pottery town, still continue to be the heart of British craftsmanship.”

So said JB Priestly, English Novelist & Playwright, and they were words that the makers of the iconic blue and white Burleigh Pottery took very much to heart.

Beautiful Burleigh ware is part of the DNA of English earthenware and no self-respecting tea room, dresser or country kitchen would be complete without a shelf groaning with its delightful handcrafted designs.  It’s one of our most popular lines and biggest sellers.

With a rich heritage of British craftsmanship, every piece of Burleigh ware is still made at the Middleport Pottery in Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent, where the original Victorian machinery and processes are still used, including the traditional skill of under glaze tissue printing (Middleport is also one of the last remaining potteries in the world to use this English process, first developed over 200 years ago!).

Middleport Pottery Visitors Entrance
Middleport Pottery Visitors Entrance

The pottery is now open to the public, having been part of a Prince’s Trust regeneration project, and you can witness first hand the remarkable skills and techniques used to make Burleigh ware, as well as learn more about its fascinating history.  Or you could just wait for the next instalment in our series of blogs celebrating all things Burleigh … watch this space!