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Fantastic discount on Lladro Figurines! Hurry – offer ends 30th June!

The name Lladro has become a byword for beautiful porcelain figurines.

The company was formed in Spain back in 1953 by the Lladro brothers, Juan, Vincente and Jose and produced various porcelain wares, including vases and plates.  Three years later, they started producing the gorgeous figurines that have since brought them worldwide recognition and are among the most widely collected porcelain figurines around.  In fact, they have been so widely collected that in 1985 the Lladro Collectors Society was launched and members were able to buy small editions of the annual Lladro sculpture which are now worth a tidy sum!

And we’ve got a fabulous offer for you on Lladro figurines – so good that even if you’re not a collector now, you might be tempted to become one!  You can buy the charming Lladro 2015 annual piece “Sweet Shyness” and “Look At My Dress” together for just £272 – a whopping saving of £68!  Offer ends 30th June.

"Sweet Shyness" and "Look At My Dress" - buy together for £272!
“Sweet Shyness” and “Look At My Dress” – buy together for £272!