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Healthy Cooking Tips from Havens

As sure as day follows night, so all that Christmas excess is followed by a New Year health kick. 

The latest diets, health tips and exercise regimes are EVERYWHERE.  Since January 1st it’s been impossible to gorge the last of the Xmas chocs without being haunted by the image of glowing good health that is Gwyneth Paltrow, the rotten old killjoy.

Nevertheless, it can’t be denied that a few judicious changes to the old diet can yield most welcome results and the stowing away for another year of anything you own with an elasticated waistband.

For our diet advice, however, we favour another well-preserved blonde famous for her recipes – take a bow, Miss Mary Berry.  Never mind colonic irrigation and purging yourself of any heavy metals, fire retardants and pesticides in your system, our Mary simply recommends moderation.

Cook yourself good, fresh food and don’t eat double helpings.  It’s as easy as that.  You might not look ready for the red carpet but you will look happy and healthy, which is all any sensible person could wish for.

5 Top Tips for Healthy Cooking

Steam your veg – you’ll not only retain more goodness, you’ll keep more flavour too.

One pot meals – investing in a slow cooker can save you time and help you resist the urge to resort to ready meals or takeaways.  Leave your meal cooking in the slow cooker during the day and come home to a delicious hot meal in the evening.

Stock up on store cupboard basics like rice, pasta, lentils and tinned tomatoes which can form the basis of lots of healthy dishes that can be on the table in less than 30 minutes.

Experiment with herbs and spices to jazz up your meals.

Go for lean meat, such as chicken or turkey (sorry to mention it again so soon after Xmas!)

Steamer slow cooker