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World War 1 Commemorative Gifts

100 Years ago on August 4th 1914 the deadline for the ultimatum given to Germany to remove their troops from France and Belgium occupation passed, Britain had little option but to stand up against the aggressors and declare war.

It was the start of a long and bitter war that cost the lives of millions of people along with many more injured or traumatised by events.

In solemn commemoration of the centenary of that fateful day there have been many marks of respect across Europe on August 4th 2014. Today’s Europe and our national freedom was indeed shaped by the bravery of those fighting in the front line.

Caithness Glass World War 1 Paperweights

The poppy fields of northern Europe were the battle fields and the Poppy has remained as a symbol of remembrance to those many lives lost and affected in such a devastating way.

As a lasting remembrance, Caithness Glass has produced 3 World War 1 Commemorative paperweights all featuring that very emotive poppy.

The Remembrance Poppy is a limited edition paperweight of just 200 pieces world wide. The exquisite faceted shape sets off the symbolic red Poppy. £150

The World War 1 Poppy Paperweight is a round traditional shaped Caithness paperweight that is unlimited but will only be available whilst stocks last. £42

And finally there is a World War 1 Poppy Sandcast. £60. The single poppy stands proudly

Each piece is a worthy commemorative gift and all are very collectible.

Let us never forget the sacrifice.