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New Range of Non Stick Self Clean Crockery

It is what we have all been waiting for plates that are easy to clean, particularly if you do not own a dishwasher.

Easiclean China has been testing a new coating that can be applied to all types of china tableware, patent pending. Currently it is only effective on plain white china as the coating does not bond well on decorated ware. Easiclean claim that food and gravy will not stick to any part of the plates and effectively need no washing or even rinsing after use. Bold claims indeed!

A recent survey by Easiclean identified a key area as the student market, a logical conclusion as dishwashers and effort tend to be beyond the student realm.

Nigel Havens response when asked about this unique concept ” I can see the practicalities from a student perspective but not sure that this is a long term viable proposition. Firstly it needs to have wider tests by the Food and China Standards agency and I just do not see the product meeting all the quality and hygiene evaluation and specification targets.Secondly the application would need to work pattern china too. We shall watch with interest the developments.”

So it is early days and opinion is divided, it is now up to the Government Agency to test and certificate the Easiclean crockery range and if it passes these rigorous tests then it could well be on a High Street near you shortly.