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Our Server was Temporarily Down! Now All OK Again – Phew!

So as we start one of our busiest weekends of the year, both online and instore, we find that there has been a technical glitch with our host server. The problem started at 23.30 last night and was corrected by 13.00 today. Essentially there was no access to the front end for you our valued customer to see and order product nor at the back end  for us to see and fulfill your orders. As a small business this is just what you need!

The back up database is now up and all is running normally again, I know from your phone calls the frustration this outage, as the techies call it, has caused and thank you to all that have stuck by us and ordered by phone or tried again online.

Hope fully we shall have no further interruption – we will most certainly be holding a debrief on what happened to see if anything could have been done to mitigate against such a technical failure.

Thanks for your patience and look forward to seeing your orders flood in again!