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Havens Television Documentary with the BBC

About 6 months ago we were approached by a Television production company who were looking to do a documentary on Havens.

They had been commissioned by the BBC to create a series featuring 10 established businesses and looking at how they have stood the test of time or not!

After some initial hesitancy and much discussion, we agreed to be one of those 10 companies. I guess we are different to most in as much as in over 100 years Havens has seen 2 world wars and many changes, none more so than the challenges that face a small independent retail department store today.

Fortunately change is in our DNA and we adopted the internet in 2000 and it is our website that is now driving our business forward. The program makers saw this as an interesting line and the key question is can we, should we retain the retail presence or could we exist purely as an internet trader.

Without giving too much away the BBC created an event in the store which certainly generated some public interest.

They have now set us a challenge to create an event bigger and better than theirs, attracting customers to the shop and also to create some invaluable PR.

From the BBC research it is clear that what we do from the outside does not reflect what we stock or goes on inside the store. The general consensus from the consumer when they do come in, is markedly different from the perceptions from outside.

So with that in mind the trick is to get them to cross the threshold, so windows are being reassessed and the reassuring presence of our history and heritage will be more prominent.

The whole exercise has been an interesting, if not exhausting one and I am sure that there will be a few cringe worthy moments! I had not really appreciated just what goes into making a program like this.

The date for our event which will be filmed and form the denouement of the documentary is set for Tuesday 4th June. Not a great day of the week to hold an event, so we have decided to make it work we needed to make a real event of it!

We are now well into the planning stage and our ambitious plans will be revealed very shortly.

Watch this space!