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The European Commission to Ban The Letters EU on Website

Following the decision to impose import duty tariffs, so called anti-dumping, on tableware, porcelain and cookware from China, the European Commission are set to introduce another crass directive.

Concerned that the letters eu seen in online material might make people think of an association with the great Commission, they are from the 1st of April banning all words using eu together from website content.

Therefore words like Euphoria, and Euphemism will disappear from the web masters lexicon, as the European Commission feels that it could confuse and mislead the public by association.

Once again we are seeing European intervention that is as futile as the tableware anti-dumping ruling, there is no evidence that either directive makes sense.

This latest directive comes into force on April 1st 2013 and will be reviewed along with the tariffs on china tableware in May 2013.