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Royal Scot London New Shape Cut Crystal Wine Glasses

One of our best selling cut crystal wine glass designs is the Royal Scot London range. I think part of the success is that although it is fully cut, the pattern errs on the side of being slightly less traditional.

Due to some production issues, Royal Scot have had to source the wine glasses from another factory. The new wine glasses are slightly shorter and the stem is a sleeker, drawn style. The original London cutting remains exactly the same.

royalscot new london

Whilst it is frustrating that the original shape is now no longer available the new shape feels and looks, in my view for what it is worth, an improvement. Certainly whilst we still have both styles available, the new shape is out selling the old on the shop floor so new customers are approving.

The only glasses this affects in the Royal Scot London range are the Wines glasses and the flute champagne glass.

We do have stock of the old shape whilst stock lasts.