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Quick and Easy – Go To Recipes

For some people everyday cooking can be a chore – OK that ‘ll be for most people! I know from close hand experience as my dear wife asks us what we want for dinner -the unhelpful answer of “we do not mind” or “what ever” is met with “You can have anything available in Waitrose!”

And so it goes on each week the challenge of finding something that is different, everyone will eat and most importantly is quick and easy and does not require the culinary skills of Raymond Blanc to make.

I thought therefore I would use the Havens news area to generate some solutions to this thorny issue – and by so doing improve my own cooking skills – won’t be too hard – trust me! and also to make evening meal time something we all look forward too rather than just a refuelling exercise.

So I am looking to all our friends and colleagues to come up with their Easy to Make – Go to Recipes that have become legends in their own kitchen. Recipes that have been handed down over generations, simplifications of more complex creations, a friends recipe, notes scribbled on a pad. Remember this is not for a King’s feast, we are just trying to find new, tasty, easy meals that can be made quickly after a hectic day.

Apart from sharing this and making everyone’s life easier, as an added incentive I shall be preparing myself (mostly) – I can hear the gasps of disbelief – each recipe for presentation to my dear beleaguered wife, son and daughter, the dishes that receive the most acclaim will be rewarded with a prize.

Given that we have a world class cook and kitchenware shop online and in our store, I have it in mind to match each dish with a preparation/cooking/presentation dish and will give away this impressive item to the top 3 entries.

So please, please do submit your Go To Recipes, remember all tastes and dietary requirements can be covered – ease is the aim of the game here-¬† and make everyone’s evening meal less of a chore.

We do have some Havens family delights to share – watch this space!

As well as the ingredients and preparation notes, an image of the finished article would be good too.

The competition winners will be announced later in the year giving people a chance to enter and to get as many recipes as possible.

To Enter:

1. Like our facebook page:

2. Submit your recipe by emailing  : Please attach images if you have them

3. You must provide your full name

Havens will pick 3 winners and each will receive a matching preparation/cooking/presentation dish for their recipe.

Each recipe will also be shared on our website and on facebook along with your images if applicable.

The winners will be contacted via email and announced on the Havens website and our facebook page.