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Best Selling and Top Rated Port Glasses


Dartington Wine Essentials Port Glasses £10.80 each
Dartington Wine Essentials Port Glasses £10.80 each

Port glasses are always top sellers at Christmas and we are often asked to help choose the best glass.

Clearly it all depends on taste and budget but here, in no particular, order are the most popular, best selling port glasses chosen by our customers.

  • Dartington Winemaster Port glass £31.20 a pair – Handmade in clear crystal in the Dartington factory in Torrington, Devon, UK, this glass was developed using the skills of a Master of Wine to create the perfect shape for tasting and enjoying port. The glass is a decent size and feels elegant and refined in the hand – as you would expect from handmade crystal.
  • Swarton Majestic Port glass £36 box of 6 – Hand cut crystal port glass made in Poland. In terms of a more traditional port glass, at a great price this is a best seller.
  • Royal Scot Kintyre Port Glass £52.50 a pair – This Port glass is a good quality, drawn stem glass which is hand cut in Stourbridge UK by Master Cutters using centuries old skills. The elegant, tall shape and traditional cut give a high quality crystal glass that will be appreciated by the port connoisseur.
  • Dartington Wine Essentials Port Glass £10.80 a pair – designed by Dartington glass and made in Europe. Good shape, decent size, outstanding value – not much else to say really.
  • Royal Scot London Port glass £32.50 a pair – Available in pairs or sixes in a satin lined presentation gift box this hand cut crystal port glass is tall with a traditional cut. Made in a quality factory in Poland, these port glasses are a good mid range and very good value for money port glass

We offer one of the largest selection of Port glasses and would be happy to help you make your choice.

We also carry a good range of Port decanters too.