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London Paralympics 2012: Proud of Our Paralympians

I was away on Holiday so I did not get to see the Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Paralympic Games. I followed news of the events of the first few days through the papers and also caught the odd glimpse on TV. Even at a distance I could sense the same excitement that the Olympic games engendered.

Like many others, I assiduously tried to get tickets on line for the Paralympics but unbelievable all tickets were showing as sold out on each occasion I tried.

With a mixture of personal disappointment and a feeling of collective national pride Great Britain has shown the world that these Paraolympic games are not just a gentile showpiece but a true sporting event.

The indomitable spirit of all the Paralympians is a lesson to us all. The training and effort is every bit as focused as the Olympians themselves, possibly even more so given the additional physical and sometimes mental challenges they face everyday.

Each Paralympian has their own story, ones of challenge and torment both physical and mental, yet each has the common spirit of triumph over adversity and shear guts and determination to make things happen.

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I believe that this legacy could have an even profounder impact on society than the Olympics as this is a life changing story.

Prejudices and challenges faced by people with disabilities will now be far better understood. The example set by these athletes will give hope to so many who previously focused on their disability rather than their ability, personal horizons will have been shifted and hopefully sustained for ever.

Like the rest of Great Britain I am proud of the Paralympians and I am proud of the Great British public and the reaction and support for these games. The World should now see people with disabilities in a whole new way.

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