By in Life in the Day of an Independent Retailer

Life in the Day of the Independent Retailer

I guess like all jobs everyone else thinks it is easier than theirs! I am regularly asked what I do during the day,  as the enquirer probably surmising that we just open the front doors, sit back with a large cigar and let everyone flood in.

Well retailing these days is not quite like that, so given all the curiosity-well at least my wife’s,  I thought that from time to time I would share what goes on in a small independent family business.

First and foremost I have to say that I love what I do though it is not without it’s trials and tribulations. Dealing with the great British public and, since we are now on line, our overseas friends can be rewarding, amusing and indeed from time to time frustrating.

I will try to enlighten you on events as they happen, you may not hear from me for a while, this will not be a case of not much happening, more likely to much happening!

Today is a Saturday in September and all who know me know that I am normally no where to be seen near the store on Saturdays, apart from December when I dutifully help with the Christmas sales.

My dear brother Paul is off on a well earned weekend playing golf in northern France and as we have a few staff holidays I am filling in. Now the sun is shining and it is a great autumnal day perfect for golf followed by a spot of lunch with my chum Jerry, our normal Saturday past time. As you would imagine I am a tad miffed!

You may be thinking he cannot be busy as he is writing. Well yes and no. I have seen a number customers and so far the time has whizzed by. At one stage I had a queue.

There was the gentleman who eventually bought a Port and Glasses drinks set. His forensic questioning about the contents of the box were interesting to say the least. ” I like and drink port so why have I never heard of Taylors port?” he posed. Before I could think of a suitable reply his dear wife saved the day chiming in “because you do not know everything” Perfect, that seemed to quell any further supplementary questioning so I wrapped the gift, bagged it and took the money.

As a retailer you see all sides of life and also the decision making and buying dynamic of a couple shopping and it can be quite revealing. Clearly this lady had the measure of her man and stopped him reversing on the decision that pre questioning they had mutually made.

My day job is not predictable in any way not withstanding that it will always be different. Buying, selling, the internet, business to business contracts and sales,  personnel, marketing, strategic planning – slipped that in to make the wife,Helen think I am important- shoplifting, finance, PR, counselling, local crime prevention and much more. Always far ranging and interesting even if the blog isn’t!

Watch this space!