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What A Right Royal Diamond Jubilee Weekend!

Well what a weekend it was. Whilst the weather was not entirely kind it never dulled the occasion. Street parties, River Pageant, Concert, Thanksgiving Service and Fly Past, all this to show the Queen just how much we appreciate her commitment to the British public and Commonwealth over the last 60 years.

For our part we had a street party at home, bringing our local community together not just on the day but in the preparations for the event too.

Queens Diamond Jubilee Day Street Party
Queens Diamond Jubilee Day Street Party
Queens Diamond Jubilee Pageant
Queens Diamond Jubilee Pagean

Helen and I met some friends in London on the Sunday for the river pageant. Fortunately they were staying in London the night before and got up early to bag a space near the River by London Bridge.

A great spot it was too, a tree to protect us from the elements and close enough to the river to get a view of proceedings. All we had to do was to stay sober enough whilst we waited!
That would be a challenge as we downed copious amounts of fizzy stuff along with a picnic that I am sure could not have been bettered on the Thames.
The atmosphere was very electric, people exchanging banter and generally looking forward to the event to unfold.
As the first boats came into sight everyone craned for a view and the volume cranked up ( probably the alcohol). What a sight, a magnificent spectacle of colour and sound as boats of all shapes and sizes were waved at and cheered regardless of their status.
Even the torrential rain at the end did not dampen our spirits, we could justly say we were there!

We watched the concert on the television and apart from the odd banal comment from a comedian link,  thoroughly enjoyed it.
The highlights were the Gary Barlow/Andrew Lloyd-Webber anthem “Sing” which was so apt and beautifully performed by the combination of Commonwealth singers and musicians. I also particularly liked Madness along with the incredible light graphics projected onto Buckingham Palace.

We also watched the highlights of the Thanksgiving service on the television too, as we were enjoying a further excuse for a celebration with friends during the day.

All in all a fabulous weekend and the love and display of respect for our Royal Family and the way they conducted themselves throughout certainly gave the nation a lift in these challenging economic times.
Send us your favourite images and photos of the weekend and we will give you a £5.00 voucher to spend on the Havens website. We will publish these so that we can have a keepsake of what was a once in a lifetime celebration.

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  1. I would like to put my name down to order a jubilee plate by Rolph Harris. Would be interested to know of any progress in expected date, price, etc.
    Stephanie McGrath