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WWRD to Mothball Stuart Crystal Glasses

(left) Stuart Cascade and Royal Scot Catherine (right) Stuart Shaftesbury and Royal Scot Sandringham

Havens has been selling Stuart Crystal since 1901 so when Waterford Crystal first bought the brand we were a little apprehensive. Waterford also bought Edinburgh Crystal too and it was beginning to look like an act of sabotage to nullify the competition – oh you sceptic Havo I hear you say.

Well I was not far wrong. Waterford have never really invested or developed either brand, closing both factories and either making product in Ireland or outsourcing to quality factories in Europe.

Then in 2009 Waterford went bust and was bought from the Administrator by an American Private Equity Company. Supplies of both Edinburgh Crystal and Stuart Crystal became scarce with no conclusive information coming from the Waterford management team.

The plug was pulled on Edinburgh Crystal in 2011 with news that Stuart Crystal was to be ongoing. A year later we now understand that there is no future for the Stuart Crystal brand and no further stock will be available.

As with Edinburgh Crystal, Waterford are very unlikely to look to sell the  Stuart Crystal brand and encourage competition.

It looks as if Stuart Crystal is to be mothballed – another of our great British heritage crystal manufacturing brands consigned to history.

Whilst this is a great shame we cannot look back and thankfully my friends at Royal Scot Crystal are filling the void.

The Highland range of glasses is a very similar in cut and match to the best selling Edinburgh Tay glasses. The Sandringham range is the same cut as the Stuart Crystal Shaftesbury glasses and Catherine is the same pattern cut  as Stuart Cascade glasses.

Aside from those designs, Royal Scot Crystal have a very good range of cut crystal boxed and presentation gift boxed glasses. I am sure that the Royal Scot crystal ranges will fill the void, as sad as it is to lose two iconic crystal brands.


  1. In 1983 I purchased six STUART white wine glasses from Messrs Wm Spilhaus, Cape Town, South Africa.
    The cost for the six was R980.00 ( 98.00 Pounds). The base and the brim of these glasses are gold covered.
    Would you have the value of these glasses as I have been advised that they are not in production.
    I was informed that only one dozen were imported to South Africa.

    1. Dear Ralph,
      Sorry I cannot estimate how much your Stuart glasses are. We only carry product that is in current production or recently discontinued.
      I cannot even compare it to items we currently have as none of the drinking glasses we stock have a gold band.
      Sorry I cannot help,
      Kind regards,
      Nigel Havens

  2. I am trying to source any edinburgh skibo items, do you have any idea where I may get hold of some please?

    1. Dear Ben,
      I am afraid that we do not have any of the Edinburgh Skibo range left in stock.
      Unfortunately there are few designs like the Skibo glasses.
      The nearest glasses in terms of quality are from Royal Scot Crystal.
      Sorry that I cannot help you much more,
      Kind regards,

  3. Hi there,

    I’m trying to find some replacement Edinburgh Crystal ‘Orrin’ glasses. I specifically need champagne flutes but, knowing it’s discontinued, would be glad to get spares of tumblers, large & small wine glasses too. Do you know where I might be able to source them?

    Kind regards,