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Flute Champagne Glasses Best for Champagne

Researchers at the University of Reims in the heart of Champagne country in France have concluded after extensive research that Champagne tastes best from a flute champagne glass.

The study states that a tall slim glass creates a much higher concentration of gas which gives this most venerable of wines both greater flavour and fizz.

Champagne Flute Glasses
A selection from our range of Champagne Flutes

Now just as I thought that the prohibitive costs of going to a University was driving numbers down I find a University course I could really have a go at- Champagne research in Reims.

I wonder just how many bottles were tested and how many glasses used, I would suggest at least a 5 year course! I would be happy to bring my own selection of Flute Champagne Glasses too, I would like to think that I have more glasses to offer than most!

At the end of the day drinking Champagne is one of life’s pleasures and quite frankly whether you drink it in a Flute Champagne glass or a Coupe Saucer Champagne glass you do not need to do a great deal of research to appreciate what a very special wine it is.

Now where is the Reims University prospectus….