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Oh What a Night! Havens Christmas Event Buzzing

It takes a lot of preparation and indeed cost to put on a successful event in our storeĀ  so once the show starts it is always a great relief when people turn up!

Sure enough they turned up with a very steady, nay fast flow of customers from 3.00pm right through until closing at 9.00pm

We had Malcolm Harradine the QVC and Ideal World TV Chef demonstrating and entertaing us in his own inimitable and engaging way! His task was to promote the new Horwoods Halogen Ovens, to say that he did so successfully would be an understatement – the lot sold within the first hour!!

Malcolm Harradine Celebrity TV Chef at Havens Open Night Nov.2011
Malcolm Harradine Celebrity TV Chef at Havens Open Night Nov.2011

Jess Byford sang her heart out on the first floor, a combination of popular blues and jazz along with seasonal Christmas Carols. A number of guests remarked on our great taste in music without at first realising that it was a live performance! Praise indeed, well done and thanks to Jess.

The event is not just about getting the tills to ring, although that helps, it has become a social event and an opportunity to remind people of what we do. It allows us to showcase our products and our new ranges of Christmas Gifts. This year we have fantastic ranges of Christmas Gifts for Him, Christmas Gifts for Her and Christmas Gifts for the Home and I am pleased to say that this was endorsed by our customers as they filled their shopping baskets!

Mince Pies and Wine were served which always adds to the atmosphere and after a few glasses of wine the volume seemed to increase too! There were several lucky winners of our prize draw which this year was drawn by Jan Paul who after 16 loyal years at Havens is taking a well earned retirement from January 4th next year. We thank her for her commitment to us and wish her health and happiness in the future.

So lastly a big thank you to all the Havens staff preparing and hosting the event and of course to all our loyal, faithful customers who turned up making our 110 year anniversary celebration a very memorable and special evening.


  1. I wish I had known about this night as I would have come along. I am on your mailing list and have bought a few things because of it so why didnt you send out an email to all on your mailing list about this special night?

    IF you did, well done but for some reason I didnt receive it although I am receiving info about your special offers etc

    REGARDS and hopefully food for thought

    Pam Crouch

    1. Dear Pam,
      Sorry that you did not get advanced warning on the open night. We actually post invites to addresses on our data base.
      Our internet database is over 35K most of which are outside of Essex so we tend not to email the list, although next year we will try to filter all local email address and send invites, it is a lot cheaper!
      Please email your mailing address and I will get you added in case.
      Many thanks for your comments look forward to helping you in the future,
      Kind regards,