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Thomas China Medaillon Platinum Band Tableware On Special Offer

We are delighted to be offering and promoting the Thomas China Medaillon range of dinnerware again. Thomas which is part of the Rosenthal China group had a brief time in administration but is now part of the Italian Sambonet Tableware Group

We currently have the entire range of Thomas Platinum Silver Band Tableware at 20% off Discount

Thomas Medailon Platinum Band China Tableware
Thomas Medallion Platinum Band China Tableware

This is a reintroductory time limited offer.

Thomas Medallion Thin Platinum band china is a classic of its time. The Medaillon shape was first introduced in 1962 and is made in the world famous Trend Factory. Over 50 years later it is still iconic, easily recognisable china tableware.

The porcelain body is fine to the touch and is translucent, this is created by firing the crockery at very high temperatures which also ensures the glaze is strong and durable.

Havens has been selling Thomas China Medaillon dinner sets for over 30 years. The simple clean lines give a designer contemporary look to the dinner service. The great thing is it’s versatility, robust enough for every day kitchen use, yet the dinnerware also looks great dressed up for more formal dining occasions.

Thomas Medaillion Thin Platinum band has been very popular in the Hospitality market, particularly as boardroom and meeting room china.

This is German porcelain manufacture at its best: robust, practical, ergonomic and designed for modern day living.


  1. Do you have the thin platinum line Thomas plate that is 23.5 cm diameter? Sorry, don’t know what it’s called, maybe breakfast plate? Is it OK to put this china in the dishwasher? Do you have a list of what you have available? Still love the design just as much as when we chose it for our wedding list 33 years ago!

    1. Dear Hilary,
      After a couple of years withiout supply we are pleased that we will be stocking Thomas again.
      they in turn have discontinued some items.
      the plate sizes are:
      Dinner Plate 26cm
      Dessert Plate 21cm
      Tea Plate 17cm

      The Thomas Platinum band china is dishwasher safe but because of the platinum band cannot be put in the Microwave.
      We have available the majority of the range to order on line.

      Delivery would be 2/3 weeks we will be ordering again next week from Germany.
      Many thanks for your enquiry,
      Kind regards,
      Nigel Havens

  2. Hello
    With regard to the offer that you have on Thomas china can you please tell me is the on-screen price with or without the 20% and what would be the end cost of 6 26cm plates including postage? I was also surprised to read that you stated that this set is dishwasher safe. I have had my set for over 30 years and I recall being told at the time that it was not dishwasher safe? As a result I have spent many hours with my hands in washing up water:(

    1. Dear Karen,
      The retail price for the Thomas platinum Dinner Plates 26cm is RRP £15.00 less 20% £12.00 as seen on our website.
      we currently have stock too.
      Shame you were misinformed 30 years ago. Most china is now dishwasher safe. Anything with a metal band cannot be used in a microwave oven.
      Delivery on orders over £50 is free under £50 is £4.95.
      You can order online or by telephone.
      Many thanks for your enquiry,
      Kind regards,
      Nigel Havens

  3. I see that you have the Platinum silver band but do you have the Silver Band which has a much broader band of silver but is otherwise the same as the Platignum

    1. Dear Sandra,
      The wide or 4mm Platinum Band Thomas China was discontinued a few years ago and I am afraid we do not have any stocks left. As you say the shape of the product is the same.
      I have checked with Thomas China and they too do not have stock left.
      Sorry that we cannot help.
      Kind regards,
      Nigel Havens

  4. Hello
    Will the 20 discount offer extend beyond your Sale period which is due to finish 31 January 2012? I would like the opportunity to add to my collection but had honestly thought it had been discontinued as I have only seen it on “replacement” sites so any purchase now is deemed an extra and not essential! My choice of dinner service 25 years ago still looks as good today as it did then and hasn’t aged or dated in terms of look so I guess I predicted the clean, simple line as a good look before all the designers did! 🙂 Thank you.

    1. Dear Jane,
      Many thanks for your comments and I am pleased that you have found Havens and that you are still enjoying your Thomas Medaillon china.
      You are right the simple, clean lines are as relevant today as they were when first introduced in 1962!
      As with all product promotions they are variable and will come and go. When trading online and in our store it is important that we are competitive and at the moment the Thomas Medaillon tableware is on offer at 20%.
      As these offers go so we revert back to the recommended retail price.
      I suspect that there will also be a small manufacturers price increase during February, although we have not yet been advised of one.
      Hope this helps and if there is anything I can do, please do not hesitate to contact me.
      Kind regards,
      Nigel Havens

  5. I am looking for tea cups and saucers in Thomas Platinum as have all the rest of the set which I had as a wedding present and have the little coffee cups and saucers but just miss tea cups. If you do not stock them, or if they were never made, can you suggest anything that would go instead.

  6. am looking for pieces of dinner sets from the 60/70’s. it is white with horizontal orange and red stripes at the bottom by Thomas Germay

    1. Hi Emanuel,
      Nothing like that description is in the current catalogue.
      Not sure what design it is.
      There might be the same shape available in White if you just wanted to match some pieces.

      Kind regards,

  7. Hi – I believe this to be discontinued now? I’m looking for dinner plates 10 1/4″, an open vegetable server dish and an oval meat platter?