By in The Royal Wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton

Oh What a Right Royal Wedding Weekend!

Royal Wedding Photo
HRH Prince William & Catherine Middleton April 29th 2011

It truly was a fantastic day and occasion. The weather was set fair and London became the focal point for the eyes and attention of the World.

Friday 29th April 2011 will certainly remain in the memory for ever as the beautiful Catherine Middleton glided so majestically down the aisle of Westminster Abbey on the arm of her immensely proud father and into the Royal Family.

Michael Middleton was not just giving his daughter to Prince William but to the nation, a treasure that we all need to protect.

The commoner marries Prince story is compelling but there was nothing common in the way that family Middleton went about their day.For all the world they could have been attending their daughters wedding in the parish Church of Bucklebury so assured and natural was their part in this most magical of Royal Events.

The Royal Wedding itself was as expected a grand affair with the great, good and celebrity mingled in designer outfits and hats – the British fashion industry was on parade and barring one or two faux pas passed with flying colours.

We do this stuff so well, the pomp and ceremony, the military precision, no detail left to chance. A huge feeling of Britishness and national pride that surely would make even the most stiff upper lip quiver and eye moisten.

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In the meantime in Bucklebury, Michael Middleton is mowing the lawn and hisĀ  exemplary family are trying to get back to some kind of normality.

Us commoners should be thanking them for showing us to the World in such a good shining light.