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Jasper Conran Pin Stripe Dinner Set in Wedgwood Tableware Offer

20% off Wedgwood Jasper Conran Pin Stripe Dinner Sets

First introduced in 2008 the Wedgwood Jasper Conran Pinstripe tableware is inspired by the tailored clothing collections of the world famous fashion designer Jasper Conran.

Narrow vertical blue stripes finished with platinum on the original and classical Jasper Conran China shape, the Pin Stripe 24 Piece Dinner Set is great as a stand alone dinner service or can be mixed and matched with the Plain White and Platinum ranges from the same stable.

Jasper Conran tableware is designed with the contemporary and bridal market in mind, a consumer looking for a fusion of current style and ageless quality and formality.

This quality and style is equally good forĀ  every day, as well as for the best dressed dinner table.