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Royal Wedding Gifts, Collectables and Souvenirs a Welcome boost to the China and Glass Industry

So thankfully the sceptics who thought there would be little interest in the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton on the 29th April 2011 have been proved wrong!

Certainly the sales of Royal Wedding Gifts, Collectables and Souvenirs which have been fantastic would indicate that there is plenty of national and royal interest.

The great thing about a big Royal occasion is that it brings people together to celebrate in a tremendous well of patriotic fever – one is proud to be British. The world will look on and see the grandeur of the ceremony with all it’s traditional and historic protocols and trappings – it is clear that the Royal Wedding is no ordinary Wedding and boy do we know how to put on a show!

These formalities will show the World the regard and high esteem with which the Royal family are held, a refreshing image in a world of tyrannical leaderships.

So why do people collect the Royal Wedding gift Souvenirs?

First and foremost it is part of the fabric and history of our great country. A small symbol of patriotism and a long lasting reminder of the historic event – the marriage of a future King.

Every Royal occasion is celebrated and commemorated and there will be quality Gifts produced to mark each event. The Royal Souvenir is kept and passed on as a reminder of our heritage, we were there. There is the added bonus that the really collectable items will retain a value too.

The William and Catherine Wedding Gift Collections.

Aynsley Royal Wedding Commemorative Gifts
Aynsley Royal Wedding Commemorative Gifts

Aynsley China Royal Wedding Collectables.

Aynsley China was one of the first out of the blocks to come up Commemorative ranges. They introduced a Royal Engagement collection in December 2010 with 4items featuring the images of the Prince and Kate with a bold, rich turquoise decoration. By January the Aynsley Royal Wedding Collection was introduced with 6 items again combining the loving couples images and the Princes Royal Crest. All the Aynsley gifts are made in Stoke-on Trent maintaining a history of English made Royal memorabilia produced by the Aynsley China factory.

Royal Worcester Royal Wedding Gifts

Royal Worcester Royal Wedding Gifts
Royal Worcester Gifts to Celebrate the Marriage of HRH Prince William and Kate Middleto

Although the Royal Worcester factory in Worcester is no more the brand is owned by Portmeirion potteries. Portmeirion has commissioned William Edwards of Stoke-on Trent UK to design and make the Royal Worcester Royal Wedding Collection and a fine job they have done too. There are 8 items in the range with 2 limited editions which are both nearly sold out.

Wedgwood Royal Wedding Commemoratives

Wedgwood were a little late in entering the fray. They are a bit disorganised as a company these days which is a great shame, but thankfully have finally come up with the

goods. And very fine china it is too, 4 items including a rather grand £5,000.00 Vase all decorated in a deep sapphire blue with gold embossed relief cameos of the happy couple.

Royal Crown Derby Wedding Commemorative Gifts

The king of the English china factories. Royal Crown Derby have celebrated Royal occasions since 1750 so they know a thing or two about quality china commemorative ware. Produced in the factory in Derby there is a varied range of product all appealing to the discerning collector.

Royal Scot Crystal Royal Wedding Gifts

Royal Scot Crystal Royal Wedding Souvenirs
Royal Scot Crystal Royal Wedding Souvenirs

Royal Scot Crystal have produced a fabulous collection of Royal Wedding glass souvenirs. Engraved or gold embossed the range covers glasses and giftware and will suit most budgets.

Royal Scot use quality crystal from European factories and hand engrave or decorate using traditional techniques in Stourbridge, England the former heartland of British Crystal manufacture.

As well as the above we have Silver Plated commemorative ware from the Sheffield Silversmiths Roberts and Dore, Lilliput Lane have produce a commemorative Lilliput Lane Westminster Abbey and Caithness Crystal as you would expect have hand crafted Caithness glass paperweights to mark the occasion.

We continue to add more product as it becomes available so watch this space.

We believe that the buying of Royal Wedding Gifts will continue through out the year and will also make good Christmas presents marking a memorable 2011.