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Ritzenhoff Beer Glasses 2011 New Designs Now In

Ritzenhoff Beer Glasses Collection
Ritzenhoff Beer Glasses Collection

Each year in January and July Ritzenhoff glass introduce new designs and retire others and as always the new designs capture the imagination.

The January 2011 new introductions to theĀ  Ritzenhoff Beer collection are now available and can be seen on our website.

In the Ritzenhoff beer glasses range there are 6 new introductions with the wacky colours of Jose de Guimaraes to the more subtle design of William Farias.

In the Weizen or White beer glasses range there are also 6 new designs again they all look good and I am sure will be in high demand.

Finally there are the handled Beer tankard the Seidel Beer Glasses. 4 new introductions here with the saucy Sandra Knuyt 2011 the early runner for best seller, I wonder why!

Those of you that have bought Ritzenhoff from us before will know that we show all the available glasses from each beer glass range as the collectors want choice. You will also know that we do carry good stocks for immediate delivery in the store however from time to time we do run out. In this instance we are always happy to offer you an alternative or leave the specific Beer glass on back order awaiting delivery from Ritzenhoff in Germany.

We currently order every month from the factory in Germany so the longest you would have to wait, providing Ritzenhoff have the item in stock would be 3/4 weeks. we do not take payment before the goods are ready to leave us.

For further expert information please call and us speak to Lynn Wood our very own Mrs Ritzenhoff!