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Maxwell and Williams Slice and Dice Kitchen Knives

Maxwell and Williams Slice and Dice Knives
Maxwell and Williams Slice and Dice Knife Set £20.00

We recently bought a 5 piece set of the Maxwell and Williams Slice and Dice Knives as we desperately needed a new set as our old kitchen knives were having trouble just slicing through a tomato!

These colourful knives were just what we needed – comprising of a Chef’s Knife, Bread Knife, Carving Knife, Utility Knife and a Paring Knife we shall never be presenting our sunday dinner with chunks of badly carved roast beef again.

The range of knives can be bought as a set or seperately and at only £20.00 per 5 piece set at the moment you can’t go wrong.


  1. I have just bought some of these slice and dice sets. I am after one of there knife sharpeners but cannot find one in the UK. Do you know where i can find one

  2. Hi, I need to buy 1 knife from the max Williams slice & dice coloured set. Is it still available to buy just 1 of the knives??
    I need the pink one. (The 2nd smallest)..
    I’m in Australia.
    If possible, please send me the info or link.
    Thank you

  3. The paint on my knives is chipping off when I’m sharpening the blades. I have washed them in warm soapy water and dried them. When I cut anything I now have to be really careful to check than no paint is on the cut food. Is this usually what happens with these knives?

    1. The range was discontinued about 4 years ago. They were colourful and stay sharp. They are value knives and will not have the longevity of better quality steel knives.