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Last Chance to Buy Maxwell and Williams Chintz Bone China

Maxwell & Williams Chintz China
Maxwell & Williams Chintz China Range


We have just been advised by Maxwell and Williams that they have discontinued the Chintz Bone china range.

This is a great shame as we have sold a massive quantity of the Chintz China. All of the designs, Rambling Rose, Antique Blue, Rose Bud and Cream Pansy have been discontinued.

We still have some stocks left, as do Maxwell and Williams but we cannot guarantee orders. We will advise you if stock has run out and your order cannot be fulfilled, the product will then be removed from the website. As usual we do not take payment until goods are ready to leave us.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Rest assured that we do not take payment until goods are in ready to leave us.


  1. Oh No!! I love the Rose Bud and need to complete my set with a cake stand and two more cups and saucers.
    What am I to do ???

    1. Dear Lizzie,
      Sorry but we have now sold out of those items ib Rose Bud.
      We do still have some Rose Bud Teapots and Sugars and Cream Jugs.
      The items on our website are all the items now available in Maxwell and Williams Bone China Chintz.
      Nigel Havens

    1. Dear Di,
      The Maxwell and Williams Chintz range has been discontinued and there are no further stocks available.
      The Kimono china range was introduced and taken over from it.
      Sorry I cannot help,
      Kind regards,

    1. Dear Susie,
      Sorry all our stock of Antique Blue has sold out. The whole Maxwell and Williams Chintz range was discontinued 2 years ago, shame as we sold it very well.
      Good luck in your search, sorry we could not help.
      Kind regards,

  2. I have a teapot and milk and sugar in the rambling rose if anyone is interested in buying them. They are in excellent condition

    1. Hi Rebecca,
      If you still have them, I am looking for a rambling rose sugar bowl to replace one for my mum. I would be happy to buy the milk jug too, however she has the teapot still.

  3. Hi I’m desperately trying to find rosebud Maxwell Williams teapot, doesn’t matter if large or tea for one teapot in cup many thanks Robyn