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Maxwell and Williams Blooming Spots China Tea Sets

Maxwell Williams Blooming Spots in Lilac
Maxwell Williams Blooming Spots in Lilac

We have suddenly been getting a load of orders for Maxwell and Williams Blooming Spots China both online and in the store. Yesterday a customer came in with a page from the June edition of the Good Housekeeping Magazine where Blooming Spots is featured. Amazing what a good image and a bit of publicity can do to a product!

Blooming Spots China is a small range with a Tea set: 1 Tea Cup and Tea Saucer and Tea Plate and a Mug.

There are 4 colour ways: Pink, Blue, Lilac and Mint Green. The china comes gift boxed in patterned picture gift boxes matching the crockery.

The pattern is an interesting mix of traditional and contemporary, a bit Cath Kidson ish – the floral image is complimented by coloured spots. The straight sided tea cup also works well with the pattern. It seems to be appealing to all age groups for differing reasons.

As usual the quality for value is exceptional as with most Maxwell and Williams China products. You do not need the Queen to come to tea to enjoy this tea set!


  1. We are looking for blooming spots cup/saucer/plate set in mint green – have you any available and what is the cost with postage to Lincolnshire.
    Thank you

    1. Dear Kath,
      I am afraid that we have sold out of the Maxwell and Williams Blooming Spots range and are not expecting anymore in.
      Sorry that we cannot help you on this occasion,
      Kind regards,

  2. Why have you stopped doing the blooming spots range. I brought some of your beautiful mugs a while back and one broke. I would like to replace it and buy more. Everyone comments on how nice they are plus there are very on trend.

    1. Dear Melanie,
      The Sprinkles range was discontinued by Maxwell and Williams 2 years ago – shame as sold quite well for us.
      Maxwell and Williams is a very innovative company and always introducing new ranges, sadly some have to be discontinued to make way for the new, Sprinkles was a casualty.
      Sorry I cannot give you more positive news.
      Here is a link to Maxwell and Williams ranges we now have

      Kind regards,