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New Ritzenhoff Beer and Champagne Glasses now in

The 2010 new product launches of Ritzenhoff Beer Glasses, Champus Champagne Glasses and Pearls Prosecco Glasses are now available. The new introductions are sure to be amongst the best sellers as the collectors of Ritzenhoff Glassware add to their collections.

The great thing about Ritzenhoff is that the range makes the perfect gift for anyone. Once started it then becomes a very easy gift solution as a collection is built – solving those what present  shall I buy questions. As well as looking good on display the glasses also have the practical advantage of being able to share a drink with friends.

We carry a wide range of the Beer Glasses and Flute Champagne Glasses but in the event that we are temporarily out of stock we are ordering from the Ritzenhoff Factory in Germany monthly.