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Internet Fraud affecting Customer not Present Sales

Unfortunately we have been hit twice by a new, to us , credit card and  internet fraud. It occurs when someone rings up and orders by telephone and  pays for the goods by credit card on the phone. They then concoct a story, usually fairly elaborate, about why they have to collect the goods. Clearly they are quite plausible as we have suffered at their hands twice!

Systems have been put in place and our shop floors terminals will not now accept a customer not present transaction for collection. If someone wishes to collect goods from us then they need to come into the store with the credit card and process the order using Chip and Pin just like any other instore transaction.

This salutary lesson hopefully will act as a caveat to other unsuspecting retailers to be aware of such activity. As they will find out the card issuer takes no responsibility, the card holder quite rightly gets reimbursed and it is the retailer that receives the charge back without any recourse. On one of the occasions we rang and received authorization from the Credit card company.

This in no way affects normal telephone or internet orders that are being sent.

We use Protex Sage Pay a secure payment gateway which also offers us a number of security and checking features that flags up data which does not match and other irregularities.

We are constantly upgrading our systems security to ensure that both our customers and ourselves are protected from rogue activity. As well as our secure Protex Sage payment gateway we will be Global Safe certificated very shortly which will give you even greater piece of mind.