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Further Update on Stuart Crystal Glass

As with the rest of the Waterford Crystal Group we have been awaiting news from the new owners on which Stuart Crystal ranges they will continue to source.

I am reliably informed that the following will continue to be available:

The following are now discontinued:

  • Stuart Crystal Madison – there are small stocks left at the factory of  items on our website.
  • Stuart Crystal Iona – Only tumblers available while stock lasts.
  • Stuart Crystal Glencoe – No stock available all cleared from the factory.

Stocks of Cascade that is ongoing is still poor with no scheduled delivery date yet. Shaftesbury Wine Glasses stock is better although giftware stock is very low. It will take them time to source and build up stock of the ranges again, so further patience is required I am afraid.

Just to reiterate:

If it is not on our website it is no longer available and there are no further stocks at the factory. I apologise to all those disappointed customers who have been waiting patiently for news.

We do have plenty of other ranges and for comparable quality I would recommend Royal Scot Crystal Glasses