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Telephones Working Again Monday 23rd April

At last we have telephone communications again. Apologies to everyone that has tried to call us on Thursday 18th, Friday 20th and most of Saturday 21st April and had the frustration of hearing my personal voice mail message!

All the store phone lines were diverted to my mobile and clearly it was unable to cope with the call traffic. It has been a frustrating few days. It does not just affect the telephone calls but also the store PDQ machines meaning all our instore credit and debit card transactions had to be done manually.

We also saw the good, bad and ugly side of BT as they tried to resolve the issue. The bad and ugly are inevitably the customer service call centre and it’s management and the lack of information as to what they were doing to help us. Eventually I had to blow off steam to get a supervisor to intervene and we received a messaged promise of action for the following day. It still was not until 4.30 pm on Saturday that the system was finally back up and running.

The Good at BT is the engineers and their support team. A spare part was required and I received a call at 7pm on Thursday to ask if they could deliver it early on Friday. 8.00am was agreed and at 8.01am a driver delivered the part all the way from Bristol.

It took a further day and a half for the customer service team to organise a more local engineer to fit the spare part.

I am afraid a number of big companies just do not get Customer service right, surely their managers understand what is required. If they were treated like we have been they would soon get up tight.

Anyway rant over and back now to business.

Thanks for your patience.

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