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Dartington Winemaster Chefs Taster Glass gets Wine Connoisseurs Approval

As I was recently flicking through the volumes of newspaper I receive in the shape of the Saturday and Sunday Telegraph I happened upon an article written by a wine correspondent who was running through the whys and wherefores of the wine glass.

Now I have had it very well illustrated to me by a Wine Master who has worked closely with Dartington Crystyal that the shape of the wine glass definitely has an impact on the taste of the wine. The explanation is that the shape of the glass opening will throw the wine into different areas of the mouth and the tongue has various sensitive taste buds that differentiate between sweet, acid, sour etc and each wine has it’s own characteristic. Still following me! So you want to throw the wine into the best part of the mouth giving a greater chance of bringing the wine to life.

Ok so I totally understand why you would not want to buy a vast array of glasses but you would be well advised to buy a red Bordeaux wine glass or red Burgundy wine glass and a White wine glass.

Now this eminent Weekend Telegraph wine correspondent was saying that the wine glass she most enjoys drinking from is the Dartington Winemaster Chef’s Taster wine glass.

Dartington Glass Winemaster Chef's Taster
Dartington Glass Winemaster Chef's Taster

The claim is that it is the most versatile too.

So on the Monday I grabbed a pair of the Chefs taster wine glasses and Monday evening Helen and I had a go at them. I have to say that they do make a difference. For a start they look the business and the drawn stem is sign of glass and style. That is the glass connoisseur in me. The taste of the wine seemed enhanced as well both Red, White and we had a stab at Rose too!

Obviously to make sure that the experiment was worthwhile we had another go on Tuesday and I am pleased to confirm that we reached the same conclusion.

We shall keep on testing on your behalf and if anyone wants us to test any other wine glasses please let me know!

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