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25% Off Waterford Crystal Jasper Conran Aura Glasses


For a limited period only we are able to offer the Waterford Jasper Conran Aura range of wine glasses and Jasper Conran Aura tumblers at a special discount of 25% off the Recommended Retail Price (RRP)

Waterford Jasper Conran Aura Glasses
Waterford Jasper Conran Aura Glasses

This is a very rare occurrence for Waterford to be supporting a promotion on the Jasper Conran Aura glass range and I suspect that demand will be high and stock will sell through fast. So no delaying in ordering.

Additional Information on the Jasper Conran Aura crystal range:

Jasper Conran Aura by Waterford Crystal is the best selling modern cut quality Wine glass suite we stock. The swirl pattern has spawned a number of copies but none are a match to Aura at the quality end of the glass market.

Jasper Conran is a Fashion designer of Worldwide renown. Born in December 1959 Jasper Conran studied Art and Design at Parsons School in New York from 1975. In 1978 his first Womens wear Collection was successfully launched to wide acclaim. Jasper has since won many design awards and accolades designing for the World’s rich and famous.

In 1999 he started a design collaboration with Stuart Crystal which is part of the Waterford Wedgwood group The earliest Jasper Conran Crystal Aura and Strata Wine Glass designs are still amongst the best selling quality wine glass patterns we stock today, moving from contemporary masterpieces to become Waterford branded Heritage crystal.

Since the Waterford Wedgwood Group WWRD closed the Waterford Crystal factory in Kilbarry Ireland in March 2009 all product is now produced in quality European Crystal factories to Waterford’s exacting standards. Following this transition there will be a very slight variance in the cut and sizing of some glasses, this will only be noticeable on very close examination and does not affect all glasses.


    1. Dear Dee,
      We carry the Waterford Jasper Conran Aura wine glasses in stock. You can order as many as you require. I will sell you an odd one as well but it would be £40. a pair are currently on offer at £64.

      Wedgewood and Waterford merged, the glasses were also under the Stuart brand too, now under the Waterford brand.
      You can order online or by telephone 01702 606 290.
      Many thanks for your interest,
      Kind regards,
      Nigel Havens

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