Royal Worcester Howard Blue China Tableware Now Available again

Royal Worcester Howard Blue China Tableware

Royal Worcester Howard Blue Tableware Set

As many will know the Royal Worcester Fine China and Porcelain factory went into administration in November 2008, the factory finally closing it’s doors in on June 14th 2009 after 258 years of China and Porcelain manufacture.

Sad times indeed for the industry but we were delighted when Portmeirion Potteries plc purchased the rights to the Royal Worcester brand in April 2009 and have set about revitalizing this iconic china tableware name.

Collectors of the Royal Worcester Howard Blue China range will be pleased to see the return of this famous and very good selling design.

Royal Worcester Fine Bone China Howard Blue was a favourite of aristocratic households in the 19th Century and remains to this day one of Royal Worcester’s most popular and long standing Bone China Dinner Set patterns.

With it’s classic cobalt blue band, accentuated with 22 carat gold bands, this range still adds a touch of elegance to any table.

The Howard Blue Dinner set range is outsourced and manufactured in a high quality china factory in Thailand to the original Royal Worcester specifications. The appearance and quality is as near as possible to the original style and you would be very hard pressed to notice any difference.

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16 thoughts on “Royal Worcester Howard Blue China Tableware Now Available again

    • It is available from Portmeirion who are outsourcing it in a quality factory in Thailand to the Royal Worcester specifications.
      Delivery 2/3 weeks from time of ordering.

  1. Dear John,
    I am afraid to say that Portmeirion has discontinued the Royal Worcester Howard Blue tableware range.
    They just have not been able to sell enough to make it worth their while doing.
    We have just 1 Howard Blue Mug with gold band and 1 Dinner and 1 dessert plate with the Platinum band if anyone is interested.
    Kind regards,
    Nigel Havens

  2. We have about half a set of the ORIGINAL china that was a wedding gift and has never been used and we are now selling on ebay if anyone is interested in supplementing their set..

  3. i am looking for 6 dinner plates and 6 soup plates howard blue royal worcester, if any one has them and is willing to sell them, pls inform me and tell me the price. thank you

    • Dear Shahira,
      We just have 4 coffeee cup saucers left in Howard Blue £10 each to clear.
      I have made visible your request in case any one can help you.
      Sorry we cannot help,
      Kind regards,

    • Available For Sale:
      5 piece place setting with tall cup
      Never been opened
      Three sets available
      $40 per set, or $100 for all three sets, plus whatever it costs for me to ship it
      Retailed at $130 per set

  4. I have a 44 piece dinner and tea service including covered vegetable dishes, oval servers, sauce boat and stand, sugar box, large teapot and 6 off all the plates.
    These are all Howard blue delivered to me by Mulberry Hall on 01-09-2004.
    All items still boxed and unwrapped, delivery note available.
    If anyone is interested in purchasing this lot contact me in the first instance at the above Email.

  5. We are looking for 6 dinner plates, soup bowls,dessert bowls and side plates to make up a set of Howard blue, gold rim. Does anyone have to sell?

    • Hello AWbutt, no I did not sell these place settings to Trevor. I just sent you an e-mail message. Please check your inbox :)

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