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The Rights of Home Owners to Defend Themselves

I do not wish to go all political on my News blogs but I do feel strongly, as I am sure most decent law abiding citizens  would, that we all have a right to protect our property and family. Surely this is the underlying reason, rightly or wrongly, this Government feels we should be pursuing the war in Afghanistan Рto protect national safety.

At last common sense has prevailed in the case of Munir Hussain of High Wycombe. On returning from their Mosque the Hussain family found a gang of intruders in their home. They were attacked by the gang who tied their hands behind their backs and forced them to crawl from room to room. Managing to free himself Munir turned the tables on his attackers, quite literally launching a coffee table at them.

With the help of his brother and a cricket bat he set off in pursuit of the robbers and managed to catch one Walid Salem. The brothers hooked, pulled and drove the assailant breaking the bat, in turn leaving Salem some what battered.

The case went to court where the brothers were sentenced to 30 months imprisonment for assault. On Wednesday 20th January 2010 Munir had the sentence reduced on appeal to 2 years and the term suspended.

On the other hand Walid Salem the only intruder caught was not prosecuted for his part in events, as he was deemed to have been too badly injured during the attack. What money do you put on him to re offend in the not too distant future!

I would challenge any normal male not to think that they would do the same as Munir in similar circumstances. Your privacy and property is invaded, your loved ones are assaulted and face potential danger, the limit of which under attack you will never know. Our natural instinct is to protect ourselves and I believe this is how Manir instinctively reacted.

It is very easy to make judgements based on law in a cosy court room, as we know in life things can look quite simple on paper.

My personal view is that those people who are prepared to act outside the Law should not expect that same Law to protect them when things go pear shaped.


  1. I understand that the crook has been permanently brain-damaged as a result of his skull being smashed by the gentlemen concerned who beat him about the head, not just with a Cricket bat, but also, according to neighbours, with a’metal pole’.
    The reason he was not prosecuted is that, quite rightly, medically certified brain damage is deemed to be a reasonable reason to enter a plea of ‘not fit’
    My personal view is that ‘those people who act outside the law should not expect the law to protect them.’
    And in case you misunderstand the above statement what it means is that if you take the law into your own hands you should be prepared and expect to have to face the consequences.
    Would you have the same view if the crook instead of just being brain damaged had been beaten to death which was apparently just as likely an outcome?

    1. Steve, Your points are well made, not that I necessarily agree with them. I understand from more recent press reports that this career criminal who went with the threatening use of a knife that could have killed his victims was capable enough of new offences since the attack on the Hussain family, including fraud. As Salem’s own family commented a leopard will not change it’s spots. Sadly we live in a society were instigators and perpetrators of Crime seem to be given greater protectin than their victims. The issue for me is intent. Salem went armed with planned intent to potentially harm his victims, Hussain’s action’s were in direct response this threat. Just imagine the psychological damage that Salem and his wild bunch have inflicted upon the Hussain family.

    1. Yvette, Many thanks for your kind words look forward to helping you in the future. It is not often I go off the retail path but I feel strongly that there should be more rights for victims and that those who choose to work outside the law should not expect that same law to protect them.

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