25cm Tajine (14575)
25cm Tajine (14575)25cm Tajine (14575)

Maxwell & Williams
Microstoven Black
25cm Tajine

Unit: Each
Code: 14575

  • Ovensafe to 200 degrees Celsius
  • Microwave Oven safe low to medium heat
  • Stove top and flameproof safe on medium heat
  • Xylon Non Stick coating
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Freezer safe

Microstoven is made from Stoneware and the mineral Spodumene which makes the Stoneware body Flameproof and enables multi function use.This product is lightweight and durable.

Do not use metallic utensils when cooking or abrasive cleaning materials.

A Tajine is a North African dish particularly popular in Morocco and named after the pot it is cooked in which comes from the Berber name Tajin.

Traditionally a Tagine is a stew of normally cheap cuts of meats from lamb, beef, chicken and vegetables that are slow cooked and left to simmer. The meats are then tenderised and infused with the other ingredients which include fruit, vegetables and spices.

The Tajine or tagine pot is in two parts with a base plate with sides and a domed lid which sits just inside the base. As the stew is cooked the liquids condense in the tall dome and return to the base keeping the food moist.

This Maxwell and Williams Microstoven Tajine is perfect for use in the Oven or on the Stove as the special manufacturing properties outlined above ensure that it is oven and flame proof.

Once the food is cooked the Tajine dish is then presented on the table and will certainly make an impressive feature.

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Maxwell & Williams Microstoven Black 25cm Tajine

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